I Met A Guy In Real Life That I Had Previously Rejected Online

So I recently went to a bar with my friend Maria. As we were standing there talking, I saw a cute guy (who I’ll call Marcus) walking toward us.
Oh God, I thought. Now I’m gonna have to hear this one talk and then send him on his way.
Maria was acting differently toward him then she usually acts. After a few seconds of hearing them speak, I realized that they knew each other. Figuring he must be a good guy, I immediately began to lose my “bitch face” and smile a little more. (It turned out that Marcus was a good friend of the guy she just started seeing.)
After he asked what we were drinking and ordered two more for us (yay!), I grabbed his shoulders and angled his body in my direction. “Memorize my face. Do you know me? Because you look really familiar,” I said.

“You do look familiar to me…But I don’t think we’ve ever met before,” he said, laughing at my request to “memorize my face.”


“So weird,” I said, and let it go.

Maria, her new guy, Marcus, his friends, and I ended up hanging out the rest of the night. After cheering on the couple next to us as they tried to do the Dirty Dancing end-of-the-movie lift, Marcus and I pretended that we were figure skaters and spent much of the night doing trust falls — when you fall backwards and trust your partner to catch you (now that I think about it, I guess our trust only goes one way because he never let me catch him!) — and a move where he picked me up in the air horizontally, Superman-style. I guess you could probably imagine that that didn’t really work out too well for us.

Shockingly, we didn’t get kicked out of the bar. We ended up grabbing food, getting engaged (that’s another story), and exchanging numbers. The next day, in the middle of our texting, I mentioned that my hair was much curlier than it was when we met. I proceeded to send him one of my favorite solo shots — me lying on a beach in Sardegna.
“Omfg!!!! You do know me” he said. “Remember when you said I look familiar and I said yeah you do too??? Well I would just like to say thanks for reading and deleting my Plenty Of Fish message, jerk!”
I couldn’t believe it. What freaking luck do I have? I finally meet a guy OFFline and he turns out to have been from online, anyway?!
“Wow that picture is that ememoriable? Lol” I asked.
“Well I don’t message everyone, I only message people I think I would be a match with. Unfortunately you judged me as a regular fish lol.”

I explained to him that I get a billion of those messages and it was nothing personal. I also reminded him that we were engaged and shouldn’t harp on the past. His answer had be laughing out loud.

“Lol you’re right. I guess our relationship has had its ups and downs but we pulled together past it.”
I was glad he was joking about it and not angry. Really, universe?! Really?! These things only happen to me.
Have you ever met someone in real life who you had previously rejected online?

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