All You Have To Do Is Change Names Because All Guys Are Exactly The Same

Yesterday I had dinner with one of my best friends, Daphne. After not seeing each other for two entire months, it was easy to find ourselves leaving the restaurant three and a half hours and a pitcher of sangria later. Because we both had so much to tell the other, we decided our best strategy for catching up would be to take turns telling 10-minute stories. So, roughly 21 stories each. Yup.

You can imagine how much the waiter loved having us. After one comment too many about how we liked “taking our time” or how we “didn’t touch our dessert yet,” Daphne turned to him, smiled, and said, “Are you trying to rush us out?” He got really flustered, denied it with a laugh, and didn’t come back to the table again except to bring the check an hour later.

Listening to her go on and on about the past two idiots she dated made me laugh…because between her and the four other close friends I’ve been talking to lately…if you changed the names of the guys I could have been telling the stories, myself. I must have said “That’s so funny you said that – remind me to tell you why when you’re done” 15 times because our stories so closely resembled one another’s because, as Daphne put it, “All guys are exactly the same.”

Are you shocked when your friends’ stories are almost identical to yours?

4 thoughts on “All You Have To Do Is Change Names Because All Guys Are Exactly The Same

  1. every guy is basacally the same i think they read the same book as they are growing up!! but “They dont know what they want.. they are too involved with their friends or the New p**** they are getting!!!” <3 remember the new strategy "Act like a lady, BUT think like a MAN!"

  2. I don’t think they are ALL the same, just most of them. I have few guy friends because I steer clear of those that objectify and disrespect women. I know what I want: a woman that I can love, romance, and share things with.

  3. Mike: I also try to steer clear of guys that objectify and disrespect women, but clearly I fail miserably lol.

  4. Claudia: #1 They honestly do read the same damn handbook growing up, #2 They don’t know what they want & #3 I have to see that movie, because it seems to bet he only strategy that works!

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