I Hit An All-Time Low & Had To Facebook A Guy’s Grandmother To Get My Jewelry Back!

I’ve been getting some confused emails and comments, so I know many of you are wondering what happened to the 21-year-old. He’s gone. We stopped seeing each other the weekend after Valentine’s Day, because he has to deal with something very big in his life that I don’t really feel comfortable blogging about. No sad faces, though, because it wasn’t going to work out on my end, anyway.

Things were left on a very amicable level — which has now gone so far in the opposite direction that I had to write his grandmother a message on Facebook, asking her to yell at him for me.

The reason: On the last night we hung out, I accidentally left my necklace and earrings at his house.

I had bought these earrings a couple months ┬ábefore, and absolutely adored them. The necklace I had since high school, and have zero recollection of where I bought it. Aka, if he doesn’t give me back my jewelry, I’ll kill myself.

I waited two weeks before saying anything to him. Then I causally mentioned them one day in a “What’s up? How are you?” text message conversation.

“I’m going to send you a pre-stamped self-addressed envelope for my jewelry. I miss it! Lol”

He responded by saying that I was crazy for thinking I’d have to do that, and that he’d just send it to me via the post office.

I thanked him and waited. I waited and waited and waited. After a week I said, “Hey, sorry to bother you…but did you happen to send me that package?”

“Oh shit. What’s your address again?”

I gave it to him and waited another 4 days. Now, at that point I was worried. I started thinking about the girl he was dating before me. She owed him $180, and never paid him back. He, therefore, kept her $250 Rayban sunglasses that she left at his house and sold them on eBay. Was he doing that with my jewelry??

“Hey I never got my jewelry.”

He gave me a bullshit lie about the post office sending it back to him, and asked for my address one more time.

After a week, I pulled out the big guns and called him. No answer. I sent him an audio note, begging him to please send the jewelry. And, if he wasn’t going to (like he did to the last girl), to at least tell me so I can mourn them and move on.

He texted me back that I was crazy and he was going to give them back. A week of anxiously checking the mail later, I did something I never thought I’d have to do in a million years. I sent his grandmother a Facebook message.

I gave her a brief version of the story, and asked her to please have him mail me my jewelry, as it’s close to my heart. She wrote back that she would, and that I should keep her updated.

Two weeks later, I lost it. I sent him the aforementioned stamped, self-addressed envelope.

When he texted me the next day, I assumed it was to tell me he had received it. Instead, he was inviting to a party — A FREAKING PARTY.

“I’d really like my jewelry,” I said, and, once again, he promised me that he’d send it.

It’s been another week and he’s now gone back to ignoring my texts when I ask of he’s sent it.

Brad thinks this is his way of holding onto me and trying to hang out. I honestly don’t know what to think. I have never in my life stalked a guy and I honestly hate it. There’s no way he can like my constantly bugging text messages, either. Why won’t he just give me back my damn jewelry??

Have you ever had someone keep your stuff and not give it back, despite several (or more than several) of your attempts to get it from them?

2 thoughts on “I Hit An All-Time Low & Had To Facebook A Guy’s Grandmother To Get My Jewelry Back!

  1. I think Brad’s right. Guys are immature, and I’m sure he reads your blog and knows all about Brad and that’s where his male ego kicks in. I have an easy fix for you – drive over to his house, politely ring the bell and say “I hate to keep bothering you about my jewelery – I was in the area, I figured I’d save you the trouble and just come pick it up” (innocent smile). Voila. He can’t pretend to have post office problems if you’re standing in his doorway.

  2. At this point I’d show up at his house and get my stuff back. This whole passive aggressive manipulation is getting old!

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