Exes Sense Happiness & Try To Suck It Out Of You

I don’t know if it’s some super-human sixth sense that brings in the snakes — I mean, the exes — back.

My ex knows exactly when I’m feeling great. Get interviewed on Elvis Duran & the Morning Show? I get a text. Loving my new job? I get a text. Have a new boyfriend? I get a text. The guy just knows when I’m happy and wants nothing but to suck the happiness out of me like the venomous snake that he is.

Last week, as I happily planned my date with Brad, I got a text message. I looked down at my lit-up screen excitedly, expecting it to be him. Except it wasn’t.

“Still hate me?”

There it was. The understatement of not just the century, but the millenium. My ex. The guy that has made me cry more times than I can remember, with little happiness counter-acting the sadness.

I read the line three times before turning off my phone and putting it away in my bag, where he couldn’t get to me.

I wrote him off for the final time this past September, and haven’t spoken to him since — except for one time that I answered his texts after I was on the radio. To tell him to never text me ever again. I’m so glad he respects my wishes as much as he respects me.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Anna went on a date with a new guy (I wrote about it). The date was great, and completely distracted her from her jackass ex. She was finally happy. So, naturally, her ex texted her at the end of the night telling her how much he missed her. Happiness sucker!

If I’m on good terms with an ex (which clearly I am not with that asshole), and and I hear that he’s with someone, I don’t even both texting him. Why cause problems for him and his new girlfriend that don’t have to exist. I especially don’t try and weasel my way into his life to try and destroy his happiness. But many, many people do. I can think of at least 2 of my exes and a handful of my friends’.

Does your ex sniff out your happiness and try to upset you with a text or call?

2 thoughts on “Exes Sense Happiness & Try To Suck It Out Of You

  1. I don’t think it is a magical sixth sense that they are sporting… you keep exes on your facebook. That is going to give them a pretty good clue when you are happy especially when you have posted previously that you enjoy showing how great your life is without them.

    If you don’t want exes bothering you, you have to cut them off completely, if you want to rub their noses in their loss, expect reactions that may and most likely will differ from your hope that they will cry into their keyboards and never find anyone nearly as great as you (but never contacting you).

    Heck if they could comply with your desires that well more likely and not they wouldn’t be exes.

  2. AlexV: Nope, this particular ex deleted me from Facebook. Sixth sense.

    PS, he won’t ever find anyone nearly as great as me.

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