When You’re 90% Sure Your Date Is Gay

Okay, so clearly the title of this post is self-explanatory. Last week, I was taken out by a guy with a very questionable sexual preference.

I saw 3 main signs that he was gay:

(1) He spoke like he was flaming when he told stories (One of which included him turning down a girl’s propositions for sex)

(2) He made WAY too much effort to tell me about all the “hot model-types” he gets with

(3) He works in the Fashion Industry

Now, I know what you’re going to say. I’m not being fair about 1 & 3. Guys are allowed to be animated when they tell stories. And not all guys have to take every girl that throws herself at them. And not every guy that works in the Fashion Industry is gay. You may even argue that 2 only occurred because he was self-conscious and wanted to impress me.

I’ll let you say all that, and then I’ll win the argument with a very mature “Whatever, dude, HE’S GAYYY!!!” Not because of one of those reasons but because the combination was almost too much to bear without yelling out — “How don’t you know?!”

At one point in the night, as he bugged his eyes out of his head while telling a story about a girl who wanted to marry him after an hour without even knowing his last name, he yelled, “HELLLLL-OOOO” and I literally had to stifle a laugh by drinking my Diet Coke. As a matter of fact, I had to use that tactic so many times he probably thought I had some sort of drinking obsession.

As he went on and on about “crazy” girls he’s taken out and how things didn’t work out with them because they were “so insane,” I sat there thinking, “No, dude, it didn’t work out BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT MEN!”

This was a first for me (ya know, dating someone who didn’t realize he was gay). I didn’t know what the Hell to do. I got through the rest of the date (barely) and gave him a kiss on the cheek when we parted.

Have you ever gone on a date with a flamboyant guy and wondered if he was gay or, at the very least, incredibly effeminate?

4 thoughts on “When You’re 90% Sure Your Date Is Gay

  1. He works in the fashion industry, he is around people who are flamboyant all the time. There are two ways to go with that kind of scenario for a straight guy either join in or appear homophobic as you stand back and brood in your straightness. And I bet 9 times out of 10 the later gets you canned.

    He told you about crazy hot insane girls… maybe he wasn’t so much proclaiming his gayness as he was warning you not to be one. Back when I was dating I had a bad habit of talking about all the horrible game playing moves women had done to me my friends or had been done by my female friends because I was trying to say without screaming it that if you play games with me I’m going to forget I met you 10 seconds later. He might have just been saying “Please don’t be another insane hot chick.”

    As for the turning down sex thing… it happens especially with decent guys. I’ve turned down a woman offering sex before and I wasn’t even in a relationship at the time. It just did not seem like it was the right thing to do because she sounded more destructive than interested and I’d rather not be a part of that.

    Not to be mean but this post made me really hope that you are invited to his wedding a year from now to a wonderful woman and can’t find a date.

  2. Not really…I figure if he’s wanting to take you out on a date then he has to be at least somewhat straight / bi-sexual. If he was gay, why would he bother asking you out? Just curious.

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