“Jen, Do You Date Just For Blog Material?”

Many guys I meet online are very concerned about my reason for having an online dating profile. Anxious about whether or not I’m actually on there for a sincere reason, they ask me if I’m on Plenty Of Fish with the sole purpose of getting material for JenAndMen — to which I answer: NO! Okay, do I get a little antsy from lack of material when I’m dating one person for awhile? Yes. But I just start writing stories about my friends’ love lives, or talk about popular relationship topics that are a bit more obscure than writing about specific dates in my own life. My blog doesn’t revolve around me going on random dates with crazy people (although it just so happens to occur enough that you see a lot of posts relating to that topic).

I’m looking for someone to fall in love with. That’s why I’m on a dating site. Guys are always writing to me, asking, “Why are you on this site? What are you looking for?” I think responding with “Love” would probably send half of them running in the other direction, so I usually just say, “Chemistry.” Really, the answer could be “love,” “chemistry,” “a relationship,” “someone to be with” etc etc etc. But boys are weirdos so I just stick to the basics.

I, do, however, withstand some bad dates for the blog. For example, in the post, “When You’re 90% Sure Your Date Is Gay,” I prolonged the date into dessert because I was so very entertained by the crazy guy. But, to be honest, I probably would have done that even if I didn’t have my own website. It was like watching The Jersey Shore or Mob Wives, you can’t believe your eyes and ears but can’t bring yourself to change the channel, either.

Hopefully this has cleared it up for everyone. I am not a serial dater (not intentionally, anyway) and I don’t date just to get material for the blog. If I ever run low, I have my friends and my readers to help JenAndMen along.

Did you think I went on dates just for blogging purposes? Ever know a writer who did that?

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