He Took Me On An Insanely Thoughtful And AWESOME Date

Okay, so I’m sure most of you won’t be able to possibly believe this — but I’m pretty vocal when it comes to my relationships. Which is why when Marcus, my new guy, asked me if I liked sushi, I replied, “I like cheeseburgers.” Don’t get me wrong my Asian friends and non-Asian, Asian-food-loving-friends, I enjoy a nice California or sweet potato roll from time to time — but if I’m going out on the town with a new guy I like…I’m not fiddling with chopsticks and sniffing at ginger and wasabi. I’m acting like the carnivore I am and ordering some sort of meat.

Marcus told me that he “studied my blog for hours” and came up with the perfect place (aka he Googled cheeseburgers and came up with this place, haha). He wouldn’t tell me the name of it so that it could be a surprise, and  a surprise it was. It’s called the Stardust Diner and it’s employed by amazing, Broadway star wannabes. They basically audition to work there, and hope to get discovered by directors or talent scouts.

I spent the entire dinner singing and dancing and praying they’d give me a microphone. He spent the entire dinner shaking his head at me and calling me a “crazy little firecracker.” After we ate our awesome cheeseburgers, we walked over to Dave & Busters (woohoooooo) and played arcade games all night! We had a crowd form around us during our two-game air hockey tournament (which is tied and a winner [me] must be crowned in Game 3). After that we played ski-ball, spun the giant Price Is Right wheel, and won about 742 tickets. Then we saved them all because he wants to cash them in to win me the 12-foot Scooby Doo hanging from the ceiling. Yes, he is, in fact, a keeper.

Girls: What’s the most fun or thoughtful date you’ve ever been taken on? Guys: Have you ever planned a really fun or thoughtful date? Where’d you take her?

3 thoughts on “He Took Me On An Insanely Thoughtful And AWESOME Date

  1. What an exciting date. I didn’t take offense to your statement. But just to let you know, I was craving sushi today

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