Guys Who Say “Your Loss, Jen” When I Reject Them & Why They Should Be Punched

While on my bar crawl, I spotted a gorgeous guy smoking a cigarette with his two friends on the sidewalk.

I walked up to him, pointed behind me, and said, “Were you in this bar? Is it any good?”

He told me that he was and it was.

“Hmmm, if it’s so good, then why are you out here?” I asked with a smirk.

“I’m out here ’cause I’m smoking a cigarette,” he said back with a smile.

I waved my finger at him, said “Cigarettes are bad for your health,” and walked away to tell my friends that it was a good spot.

“Redheads are bad for my health,” he yelled, as I walked away.

A minute later I went back over to him and said, “What do you have against redheads?”

He looked at me like he wanted to say something, but caved and said, “Nothing. Your hair is gorgeous, I can’t even lie to you.”

It is, so I accepted that, and moved on with the conversation.

He introduced himself by saying his name (can’t remember it) and asking, “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

After I swallowed my vomit from him calling me sweetheart, I took his extended hand, introduced myself, and —–. He then asked me where I was from.

“Brooklyn,” I said.

“No you’re not,” he replied.

“Umm…but I really am though,” I said, confused.

“You don’t look like a Brooklyn girl,” he said.

“And what does a Brooklyn girl look like?” I asked, annoyed.

“Not like you.”

Now, I know he was “complimenting” me…but he was still dissing my home, my family, and my friends. So, in reality, in what world is that a compliment?

“Well, where are you from, Mr. Geography?” I asked, annoyed.

“Long Island.”

“Oh, too bad,” I said bad, scrunching up my face.

“What’s wrong with Long Island? he asked. I guess he didn’t like getting it back.

“What’s right with Long Island?” I said back, smirking.

A minute or so later his friends wanted to hit up another bar.

So, can I get your number, sweetheart?” he asked.


“No, I’m okay,” I said.

“Wow, oooookay. It’s your loss, hun.”

Hun: Another winner.

Every time I reject or dump a guy he tells me that it’s “my loss.” Actually, dude, it’s YOUR loss. Hence ME rejecting YOU. If I’m not giving you my number or revoking it…it means I’ve weighed my options — Taking you or Leaving you — and decided on the latter. So calm down with the “It’s your loss”es before I punch you in your stupid face.

Sorry. Had to get that out there. Oh yeah, and don’t call me sweetheart, asshole.

Has a guy or girl ever told you that it was “your loss” when you reject him/her? What happened?

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