A Guy On POF Told ME How To Improve MY Online Dating Profile!!!

So if you’re an avid JenAndMen reader, and have seen I’m Not Interested In You, I’m Interested In Fixing Your Online Dating Profile, then you’ll know what a huge hypocrit I am by the time you finish reading this post.

The other day, I was HORRIFIED by a Plenty of Fish message. Unlike my usual array of complimentary gushes, this one was a guy who clearly never gets laid.

The message was from an incredibly mediocre-looking guy, with an even less exciting profile. I opened up the message, skimmed it like I always do, and immediately felt my jaw drop.

solid effort on the profile…8.0

cute pictures…but add some with friends (other than mr reeses)…it shows you have some (always good)…and they show just enough cleavage proving you’re not uptight…but not so much like its “hey i’m easy”…(no guy wants that despite popular belief)

we need to work on your current events though…i think blockbuster is out of business,therefore i dont think the popcorn is available…:-p

i think if you work on these things you’ll have no trouble finding mr right…or atleast several mr right nows…but all in all a solid effort…;-)

hope you enjoyed the message…and remember…dont feed the creepers…

-(His name)

Are u high?

nope…but i’m sure you’re sick of weeding through the “hey sexys”…

And you think a ridiculous critique of my profile is going to make me happy? And telling me I’m an “8” no less? I’m not going to show my cleavage on a damn dating site…and I’m not going to put up a picture with friends when I roll my eyes every single time I see those because I think “I have no idea which one you are u idiot..stop putting up group shots to show you’re “cool” … no thanks for the advice now go on your merry way.

it amazes me that girls who claim to be sarcastic and appreciate humour (and even specifically state they want a guy who can poke fun at them)can’t pick up on it in the least…my message was neither insulting nor mean spirited…but obviously you took it as such so for that i apologize (and for the record…i didnt say you were an 8…i said your profile was)…happy fishing :-)

It always amazing me how people have no idea what sarcasm is…and think nastiness or opinions that aren’t asked for or warranted can be passed off as “sarcasm”. Later.

Did this guy smoke crack before going online that day?! Did he honestly believe that that message was going to melt my heart of ice? Idiot. At least the guys I tried to help before POF almost banned me genuinely needed it (whereas my profile is freaking amazing), and I’m not trying to get with them  — I’m trying to help them get with other girls.

Have you ever gotten criticism by a guy/girl who thought they would somehow stand out positively by giving it to you? What happened?

8 thoughts on “A Guy On POF Told ME How To Improve MY Online Dating Profile!!!

  1. He sounds like you and you two are a perfect match. If you can critique guy profiles harshly, why can’t they do the same to you?

  2. Jen lets do some deep breathing here! I am generally a big fan of your site, but this is a bit carried away I think. I’m glad you admitted to being a hypocrite because I think it is really unfair to think you have the right to judge and comment on other people’s profiles, but don’t think it is ok for someone to do it to you.

    I think this guy was just trying to be funny in all honesty. Personally I think he is right about the group pictures. If you have 20 pics of yourself and a few with your friends I’m pretty sure people will know which one is you. (as long as your friends are cool with you posting them).

    This guy was quick with his humor especially when you asked him if he was high (kind of rude). He even used your favorite “tounge out” face!

    I hope you were just having a rough day when you wrote this.

  3. I can see where you would be upset by his email, because he approach wasn’t exactly smooth, but I do give him credit for thinking outside of the box…..

  4. I agree with Mila. It didn’t seem he was being malicious or anything. It looked more like the sarcastic joking.

  5. ANon: Because I am a hypocrite, haha. No, but in all seriousness we are not a perfect match because I’m doing it to be helpful — he’s doing it to be a doosh (or to be flirtatious and failed MISERABLY).

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