Maybe You Should Look At Your Face Before You Diss My Hair

I have red hair. It’s red. RED. If you don’t like it, good thing it’s not your hair color. If you’re a BITCH and you don’t like it — why don’t you play a little game and keep it to your freaking self? In case you haven’t noticed, I am in a bad mood right now because I just received the following comments on my Facebook status, for the WORLD to see:

Let’s discuss for a moment how this girl is going to get her skinny ass kicked. I met her ONE time on a vacation 3 years ago, and we became Facebook friends, never to speak again. Then, out of the blue, she comments on a random pitiful “Someone please be my friend” status? Really?!

And who says these things to people? My friends are of course saying “Well, look at her, she’s just jealous blah blah BLAH.” I’m jealous of Kim freaking Kardashian but you don’t see me hating on her Twitter! So many thoughts are racing through my mind as I frantically write this post. (1) I don’t care if you think it: Have you lost your mind writing it to someone…and on their PUBLIC FACEBOOK STATUS no less?! (2) Has the tequila actually made this person forget the “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all?” quote that her mother was supposed to have taught her? (3) Am I really seeing these words written to me right now?!

I obviously deleted all 3 comments immediately, and wrote on HER wall, “I don’t care how drunk you are. Stop being a crazy bitch.” …And she de-friended me! SHE de-friended ME! I wasn’t aware that this was 2005 and I was back in high school…but if I have to road trip it to her stupid ass town in the middle of God-knows-where to crack this girl in her could-NEVER-pull-off-red-hair face, I freaking WILL.

Has anyone ever insulted you clear out of the blue before? What did you do?

23 thoughts on “Maybe You Should Look At Your Face Before You Diss My Hair

  1. What a bitchy thing to say! Maybe you should go to wherever she lives and punch her square in the face.

  2. Funny how some people try to mask rudeness by passing it off as helpful advice. First this girl openily admits she’s being mean. Then she says she feels bad — she was not trying to be mean (…but some people just have that natural talent). Then sorry again for her apparent “voice of the people” proclamation.
    I wonder what the name of that “truth potion” or “something” was? Tequila perhaps?

  3. Hahaha “it needed to be said” wow. Some people don’t have a clue. I wouldn’t worry about anything this girl says, don’t let it get to you : ) you’re pretty and lots of people like your blog.

  4. I love you and your red hair. I’m pretty sure she’s got nothing better to do than to knock on other people’s lives.

    I’ve been blatantly insulted before. Most of the time it came from my parents calling me fat but what do they know?

  5. Major hater! Rihanna Red hair been the in thing for awhile and you probably rocked it since before that, but you know what they say, if no one hates you for it…you ain’t doing it right =)

  6. Reading this actually got me fired up a bit lol … I may vlog about this on the topic of “Why do some people dislike redheads?” Or something like that.

    She is one bitter and dumb person. Who is she really speaking for? Who dislikes someone just by the color of their hair? It’s a good thing she deleted you. Good riddance. You don’t need her poisoning your FB. Misery loves company and love to make others unhappy.

    I love redheads and I think there should be more. :D

  7. Wonderinwho: YES, I agree! There should be more redheads! It all started with Lucy, one of the funniest and most influential women in show-business, and I’m carrying on the red in the 21st century! Screw the haters! Also, I think redheads, brunettes, and blondes (and people with black hair, but I guess they’d just be called “brunette” also) are all beautiful. I would never not date someone because of the color of their stupid hair.

  8. Kimberly: OMG I didn’t even consider that! You have to be right! There’s no other explanation to diss an almost stranger!

  9. Jason: Haha, trust me, at the time I considered it. Too bad it’s 5 hours away. Or maybe that’s a good thing, haha.

  10. not sticking up for her at all cause it was mean maybe her issue was not the fact that your hair is red but the fact that its not a natural-looking red color, maybe its that she doesnt like the fake redheads

  11. She can suck it. You’re gorgeous! If I could pull off your hair color I’d so have my stylist girl give me your locks.

  12. What she said was pretty rude, but you’re definitely just as mean as she is, and you know it. Your rude, self-entitled, shameless self promotion on Datingish has not been forgotten. This ordeal is probably your karmic justice for being such a raging bitch cunt.

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