Girls Who Go After Guys Who Are Taken: Tisk Tisk

I have already admitted that I love guys that I can’t have in Wanting What You Can’t Have: I Love Guys In Relationships. I will now discuss the girls who also feel this way but listen to that devil on their shoulder. We call those girls whores. Sorry. We call them…home-wreckers? Yes, home-wreckers sounds nicer.

A JenAndMen reader named Kimberly wrote me the following comment today:

What pisses me off is when girls are ALLLL over a guy who they KNOW is dating someone else. My favorite? Co-workers. My bf has a co-worker who just would NOT hop off! She would always bbm him late at night sobbing about her love life and how so and so broke up with her. He would not feed into it and blew her off and she did NOT get the picture. Then, the ultimate fucking low was when she asked him on a weeknight to “Go out for drinks.” I mean, really? He totally blew her off and was like “No, I’m pretty tired” and she has backed off but WTF????!!!

The home-wrecking hussy (yes, that’s the perfect name) that Kimberly is talking about is someone who just doesn’t know when to stop. She takes her “I want what I can’t have” outlook and takes it a step too far: By trying to get what she can’t have. Look Angelina Jolie, I get that this guy is hot and I get that he’s nice enough to listen to you whine but he has a girlfriend and you need to respect that by not text messaging him and asking him out on a date (no matter what you call it).

I have no sympathy for these girls because they’re essentially me without the self-control. I know it’s fun to imagine pulling his girlfriend/wife’s hair, kicking her in the shins, and stealing her man (or is that just fun for me to imagine), but the fact of the matter is: You can’t. He’s taken. There’s a certain order to things. Just because Hollywood has everything ass-backwards doesn’t mean we should, too. You wouldn’t like it if someone stole your boyfriend, would you? So stop trying, already!

6 thoughts on “Girls Who Go After Guys Who Are Taken: Tisk Tisk

  1. Ugh I hate these girls. I have had girls try to get with my boyfriends and it’s so annoying. I hate even more the ones who try to be sneaky and pretend they just want to be “friends” with him, and the guy is totally fooled. They don’t realize that we women know when a girl is in pursuit. Now I do think that women and men can be just friends with the opposite sex when they are in a relationship, but there are lines to be drawn: Texting late at night or all through the day, pet names, facebook comments and messages with little smiley, tongue, and wink faces, playful touching, intimate conversation about hopes, dreams, and how terrible their love life is. I can spot these girls from a mile away.

  2. On the guy side of things this is when good boyfriend practice comes in. Most guys myself included have a hard time with deserning if a girl is slyly making moves or just being friendly so the best way us guys have come up with is adhering to certain behaviors which I like to call good boyfriend practice.

    For example the one arm shoulder pat hug. Ever see your guy awkwardly return your friends hug with a single arm that kinda wacks at her back gently… give him a big kiss for that later he is trying to be nice but make it absolutely clear full hugs are for you.

    Also keeping out of intimate distance… good boyfriend practice is staying at least one lunge away from another girl’s mouth. If he is fidgetingly moving away from other females he is trying to say accidents don’t happen and they won’t happen with me.

    And my personal favorite is the taken shot clock good boyfriend practice is within 24 seconds of speaking a guy mentions something positive about their significant other. At a concert and some girl asks about the music I mention how I m taking my then girlfriend to see green day later that week and how great it is to enjoy the same music as her. I have no clue whether that girl was hitting on me my now wife was darn sure though. ;)

  3. In high school there was a popular song “Don’t Mess With My Man” by Nivea. I like to listen to it while I imagine punching immature little whores in the face.

  4. :’) So glad many agree. Go window shopping all you want, but don’t steal because Karma’s a bitch, bitch!

  5. You are such a hypocrite! You have a post. which I commented on, where you talk about meeting a guy that had a girlfriend and convincing him to dump her for you! You do not have self control at all. How do you “fans” read her blogs and not see how she constantly contradicts herself?!

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