Taking Unwarranted Credit For Being A Vegetarian!

Most vegetarians feel very strongly about their lifestyle choice.  There are so many documentaries, films, and articles written on the subject.  Poor, defenseless animals being slaughtered for our own gluttony.  Meat going bad for lack of sale, while other countries have people starving.  Animals being cloned for mass-production, producing frightening specimens that are simply unnatural.  For decades, advocates of vegetarianism have fought to spread the word of their healthy, kill-free lifestyle. I commend these people.

On the other hand, I hate people who claim to be vegetarians because they are against the killing of animals when, in reality, they just don’t like meat.  I don’t like the taste of lamb, but you don’t hear me saying it’s because of Mary’s little friend.

I used to be friends with a girl, Hollie, who was grossed out by meat.  Yes, grossed out.  That just made me grossed out by her.  Whereas I begin salivating at the very thought of a juicy, flavorful, medium-rare steak, a big, thick cheeseburger, or a scrumptious roast beef or pot-roast, this girl was nauseated by it all.  It didn’t help matters much that she went away to college.  College cafeterias are usually known for their mystery meats.

One day, Hollie decided that she was going to give up meat altogether.  She would become a vegetarian.  I was appalled, but who am I to judge?

When we went out to eat, my other friends and I would order our assortment of meat dishes, and she would order a salad.

Everything was fine until people started complimenting her.

“Ugh, I just think it is so great that there are people like you in this world.”  “I hate the fact that innocent animals are killed, but I could never give up meat.  Thank God for people like you.” Blah…blah…blah.

And the worst part?  She accepted their praise, like it was deserved!  She smiled and nodded.  I even heard her say, “You’re welcome” to one particularly thankful person.

This drove me crazy.  I knew for a fact that she couldn’t care less about defenseless animals being slaughtered.

One day, while sitting in a restaurant, her brother couldn’t take it anymore.

“She’s not a vegetarian because she’s trying to save the animals!  She doesn’t even like most animals!  She did it because she hates meat!” he burst out.

The thanker was shocked, Hollie was appalled, and I was elated.  Finally, someone had the guts to say something!

At some point in her quest for a meatless life, Hollie decided that she could stomach chicken. She began eating several different chicken dishes, but still claimed she was a vegetarian!

Whenever she falsely told people that she was a vegetarian, my whole face would turn red with fury. The second meat enters your mouth, you no longer have the right to call yourself a vegetarian. That’s like sleeping with someone and calling yourself a virgin. It’s not half a lie; it’s a lie.

Non-vegetarians need to stop taking unwarranted credit!

Do you know a vegetarian who has chosen that lifestyle because they hate meat, not because they are against the killing of animals? Do they also take unwarranted credit for their non-selfless decision? Do they eat some meat and still call themselves vegetarians?

3 thoughts on “Taking Unwarranted Credit For Being A Vegetarian!

  1. I always WANT to become vegetarian but then a nice cheeseburger or spaghetti and meatballs draws me back to the dark side.

  2. KC: When I was 11, I was a vegetarian for 6 days. On the 7th day (a Sunday) my Italian grandma said, “Vegetarian?! Eat this meatball and chicken cutlet right NOW!” and that was the end of that lol.

  3. My friend said she was a vegan and swore it was because she saw a video of animals being slaughtered, but i know for a fact it was because she thought she could loose weight. She wasn’t even fat! Personally I hate the holier than thou attitude that some vegans and vegetarians have. I believe that we shouldn’t be so cruel in how we kill animals. I’d prefer free range animals. However its natural for humans to eat meat. (The teeth argument in invalid, our teeth are not sharp like most carnivores because we learned how to cook our meat and don’t go out and kill animals with our teeth and eat them raw. Also eating meat is why our great ape like ancestors grew bigger brains. At least that’s what I was taught in a class i took in college… which is better than just reading internet articles on vegetarianism and veganism!!!) I’m not going to make a lion eat tofu so I’m not going to quit meat. I don’t even eat a lot of it. A hand full of meat is what we are supposed to be eating a day. That’s enough for me!

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