For God’s Sake, Eat On A Date!

I can’t stand when girls refuse to eat on a date. Look, I’m not saying order like you’re on death row. I’m just not understanding why a salad and some oxygen is considered to be standard for some insecure girls.

There’s a hilarious YouTube skit that shows four guys imitating their girlfriends’ eating habits. One says, “I’m not going to eat because I actually digested a huge gust of wind for breakfast.”

Every guy I’ve ever dated has always loved the fact that I eat ten times a day. It shows that I have enough confidence in myself to show a new boyfriend that I can actually get the nourishment necessary to live.

Constantly telling a guy that you’re “watching [your] weight” or “can’t cheat on [your] diet” isn’t making you seem any better, either — especially if you’re thin, because then you just look like you’re obsessed with your weight in a really unhealthy way. If you were in a pool with the guy, you’d swim, right? So when you’re at a restaurant…eat. 

Now, I can and would never speak about girls who are anorexic. That is a disease of the mind that needs treatment to prevent the continuing malnourishment of the body. It’s the girls who pretend to be anorexic that piss me off. Chances are they’re just going to go home and stuff their faces anyway, and understandably so, since they starved themselves at dinnertime.

I speak this way because I was once one of those girls. I’ve ordered the salad and the water so that guys would think I was dainty. And then I realized I am dainty and I didn’t need to torture myself with leaves to prove that.

I recently went out with a group of new friends and was shocked to see how many salads were ordered! When I inquired as to why they weren’t getting meat or fish dishes, one told me that she was a vegetarian and the other two said they were simply in the mood for a salad. Are those words that I’ve ever uttered in my life? No. But I respect their ordering choices because they didn’t do it to appear cute or skinny; they did it for themselves.

Conclusion? Eat on dates. Don’t order a salad unless you actually like salad (like a Cobb or awesome grilled chicken kind). Show a guy you’re a human. Chances are he won’t run away. And, if he does, he’s a loser who has his own body image issues.

Happy dating (and eating!).

Do you order salads and Diet Cokes/waters just to seem skinny on a date? Why or why not?

2 thoughts on “For God’s Sake, Eat On A Date!

  1. you know my motto… never turn down a free meal lol When a guy asks me on a date why not and at least enjoy the damn food!!!! haha

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