A Bar That Led To A Boy That Led To A Memory

This afternoon I’m heading to Atlantic City, which I like to refer to as Little Vegas. This reminds me of a night I had three and half years ago in Nuckie Thompson’s town.

I was with my good friend at the time, Regina, and we were on one mission: Find boys. We had just turned 21, and had never been of-age in AC before.

Our quest began around 11PM, when we realized that there were zero cute guys in Casbah (a local club). I take that back — one (a fireman who danced with Regina for a little while).

We decided to take our adorably-dressed shoes and walk around the hotel, scouting them out. That’s when I spotted a cute guy sitting at a casino bar.

As I walked past him, we both smiled. Then I hid behind a pillar. I know, I know — not my finest moment. I peaked out from my hiding spot to find him laughing at me.

I walked a foot or two over, and smiled as he waved his pointer finger at me and back toward him.

I pursed my lips and shrugged, and he put his hands together, feigning begging.

That’s when I turned around, silently threatened Regina’s life to go with me, and walked over to him.

“I’m glad you came over,” he said.

“Well, I can’t have you begging in public, now, can I?” I said with a smirk.

“I’m Jennifer,” I said, giving him my hand, and sat down on the stool next to him. “And this is Regina.”

“I’m Mike,” he said, shaking my hand and waving to Regina.

We sat and talked to him and his friends for the next two hours. After that point, his friends went upstairs to bed and Regina met up with her fireman and made out with him on the beach (bad move in hindsight but we were young).

Mike and I talked for another hour and half.

“What would you do if I kissed you?” he asked me at one point.

“I’d be forced to slap you, of course,” I answered with a smirk.

“I like that — it means you’re a good girl,” he said.

A little while later, I gave him a kiss on the cheek, met up with Regina, and went back to our suite. There were about 10 girls sleeping there (we were there for a bachelorette party) , so we knew we couldn’t scream. We grabbed some fruit that was lying next to one of the beds, ran down the hall, and put the plate down on the window sill near the elevators.  Then we held hands, and proceeded to jump up and down together, silently screaming “Ahhh!!!” Then we ate some fruit and went to sleep for 2 hours.

It was literally one of the greatest experiences of my life (the elevators, not the guy) and, even though I don’t speak to Regina anymore, I’ll never forget how I felt in that moment. PS, that guy texted with me for a week and then never spoke to me again. It was worth that memory though.

Did you ever meet a guy and just get so excited over him that you felt you had to simultaneously jump up and down and scream with one of your best friends? What happened?

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