Starbucks = No Bucks

Look. I get it. It’s the morning, and mornings blow. You have the entire workday ahead of you and you need some sort of added incentive – besides “I’ll get fired if I call out” – to will yourself to go to work. But the question still remains, Is Starbucks worth it?

There are many reasons people choose Starbucks. For one, it’s super fun to hold that cool-looking cup with the brown cardboard holder around it. Who knows, if you’re a really professional coffee-drinker, you may even have one of those awesome hot pink or lime green rubber holders that some genius thought of before me.

I think holding a Starbucks cup totally shows status. Ironically, anyone can buy it, so it shouldn’t show status. And yet, when I see someone drinking from one of their signature green and white cups, I immediately consider them to be classy and rich. But that’s just me.

And why do I associate Starbucks customers with having lots of money? Because you need lots of money to drink there! It is astounding how much fancy caffeine costs these days. You can spend up to $8.00 on one morning coffee drink! Hey, I’ll even low-ball it; if you spend five bucks each day for your addictive guilty pleasure, then multiply that by 365 days in the year – then that comes out to $1,825 annually! For coffee! That’s not even including the muffin or scone you might pick up in addition to your steamy (or iced) beverage.

 Hmm…maybe I should start associating Starbucks customers with being poor now, since they’ve probably had to give up their homes and cars just to drink the stuff.

And price isn’t even the worst part. The time spent waiting for the drink alone is enough for me to boycott the whole experience altogether. The lines at Starbucks give Disney World a run for its money. A 40-minute wait for some ground up coffee beans? I don’t think so.

And what’s up with the crazy, long names? That’s probably half the reason for the irrationally long wait. “I’ll take a semi-hot, tall, skinny, non-fat, soy latte with skim milk, and extra whip cream and caramel. That’s a bigger mouthful than the one you’re gonna get when you take your first sip of that monster.

I touched upon the food at Starbucks, and I’d like to express just how I feel about that particular topic – grossed out. I have had their cookies and their brownies, and both times I shockingly found myself gagging. What is up with this? They’re not by any means cheap, and yet they taste like the aforementioned cardboard holders. Is it so hard to have good tasting food at a coffee shop? Or is Starbucks afraid people will drink less coffee?

All of these factors considered, I’ll ask again – Is Starbucks really worth it? I, personally, have no interest in waking up an hour earlier to grow old in line, memorize an insanely long name, spend my retirement fund and most likely get to work late.

Me? I’m a Dunkin Donuts girl, myself. I my love of doughnuts combined with a delicious and light iced coffee make my day without breaking the bank or shaving time off my life. But everyone has their preferences, don’t they?

Drink responsibly! ;)

Are you addicted to Starbucks? Are you spending all of your money because of it? Would you ever consider making your own coffee at home?

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