Let Down Your Hair…Or Not

Finding a hair in my food can absolutely food my entire night. Even though I always want to, I never seem to be able to let it go. I sit there, staring at it, wondering what part of whose body it came from. I start looking around at all my other food, wondering what may or may not be lurking inside of it. My appetite is usually lost, which is something I never say.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total lunatic about it. I don’t take it out on the waiter or his/her tip like some people do, and I certainly don’t complain to a manager – because it’s obviously just one of those things that happens from time to time.

I do, however, send whatever it was back for a new dish, and complain to my boyfriend for the next hour and a half. I have been known to whine and say things like, “Ugh, I don’t even wanna eat here anymore. This is so disgusting. No, I don’t want some of yours. Yours probably has nails and teeth in it.”

Hair length is an important factor when determining just how disgusted I have to be. For example, when I see long hair, I’m grossed out. Because a foreign object that had literally grown out of someone is in something I’m eating. But, usually, I don’t find long hair. No, I find little black or brown hairs. And, well, I…don’t…even…want…to…know. I am nauseous just thinking about it.

And then there’s the issue of trying to figure out if they simply removed the hair and gave me the same exact entree or side, or actually gave me a new one. I’m willing to bet I have more of a chance of the former happening. I know many waiters, and I have heard a million stories about people sending back food, only to get the same dish brought back to them with minor changes made. Luckily, I’ve never heard any gross stories about hair or other things, or I’d have a heart attack altogether. Which is why I usually don’t even bother eating the new dish of food.

I know I sound totally crazed and prissy right now, but I honestly never get this way – unless it’s about germs, my food, or germs being in my food. And someone else’s hair in something I am eating totally qualifies as a germ-filled assortment of things I will not eat.

All in all, a hair in my food ruins the whole experience for me. It causes me to find myself constantly wondering how much of my other food could possibly be contaminated, and just how clean that restaurant’s kitchen is (not to mention staff – since I’m potentially eating parts of them.) I cross my fingers this won’t happen to you anytime in the near future, and I hope I’ve had the last of the negative restaurant experience, too!

How do you react when you find a hair in your food? Do you send it back and move on? Or do you totally get disgusted and lose your appetite?

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