Karma’s A Bitch, Bitch

About two months after my crazy ex-boyfriend Joey and I broke up, it was time to get ready for junior prom. I was obviously taking my boyfriend, Chris, so I didn’t have to bother looking for a date.

A couple weeks before prom, I heard something extremely disturbing through the grapevine. A girl in my grade – one who I couldn’t stand – was taking the antichrist Joey as her date. I guess you could probably predict what happened when I first heard the horrifying news. I…flipped…out.

That day, I went up to her locker.

“Christine, listen. I know we’ve had our issues in the past but I’m not going to let that keep me from saving you. Joey is a horrible, horrible person. He spread disgusting false rumors about me to his entire grade, when I never even touched him.

He’s a pathological liar. He invented an entire trip to Florida just to hang out with his friends, for God’s sake! If you don’t want to get hurt, trust me, find a different date.”

Christine looked concerned throughout my entire speech. She nodded and “Mm hmmed” the whole time. Except, I found out later that it wasn’t so much a speech as it was a monologue, because the stupid bitch ignored every word I said.

A mutual friend of ours told me that she had made some sort of lewd comment about me being jealous of her. Ha! If I wanted to stay with that freak I would have.

I went nuts for the second time that day. I vented to my friends, calling her a bunch of names in the process. All of which were true, none of which were flattering.

Apparently I was naive to think that our mutual “friend” was simply a spy for me, because she went right back to Christine and told her what I had said about the little witch.

The next morning at breakfast, Christine charged up to my table like a dog in heat.

“So I hear I’m a slut, huh, Jen?!” she yelled in my face.

“Sounds about right,” I said, staring right back at her.

“So obviously if you’re talking shit behind my back, you wanna fight me, so let’s go,” she ranted on.

“First of all, I was simply stating the obvious to my friends during my lunch period; I wasn’t ‘talking shit behind your back.’ I said nothing I wouldn’t say directly to your face,” I said, calmly. “I try to help you and you turn around and laugh at my intentions behind my back?! Who’s the one ‘talking shit’?”

Again she said she wanted to fight me, to which I said, “Christine, I’m not gonna fight you. I don’t like you, you don’t like me; let’s just leave it at that. Now go back to your little table and leave me alone. It’s not even 8AM, dude.”

I sat down and slid into the booth as she stood there staring at me in disbelief. Fuming, she eventually walked away in a daze and sat down at her table a minute later. I’m surprised I didn’t see smoke coming out of her ears and nose.

Christine took Joey to the prom, fell for him, and had her heart broken by him a couple of weeks later. Hmm, who said that was going to happen? Oh, but that was said out of “jealousy,” right? Yeah, karma’s a bitch, bitch.

25 thoughts on “Karma’s A Bitch, Bitch

  1. Why do you care what Joey does? You never liked him. In fact, you left him for his best friend?

    Joey has no obligations to you whatsoever. You are what people would call, a psycho ex. And yes, you do sound jealous of Christine. I would have said the same exact things if you went up to me with that spiel.

  2. I tried warning the next victim of a bad ex-bf once. Of course, she ignored the advice. I think that no matter how good our intentions are, people need to learn from their own mistakes.

  3. I didn’t warn the girl who dated my first ex, but they broke up like a month later so she probably realized some things herself. I also didn’t warn the girl who my recent ex cheated on ’cause she’s the same trash as him, also dumped her ex for my ex-.- so she wouldn’t have listened anyways.

  4. Obviously “Penis” followed you from Xanga. Man, they just can’t stop reading what you write even with you moving to a complete diff. web address can they? Haters gonna love ya :)

  5. So she didn’t listen to you, and she may have talked trash on you, but you weren’t really being the better person in that scenario. It doesn’t matter if she disregarded everything you said because if it was true, she would have eventually figured it out anyways, which she did.

  6. That response was totally uncalled for — it makes one wonder why someone would be so mean. You may need some help.

  7. A genuine display of an immature, irrational, close-minded, unscrupulous, ignorant, and sorry excuse for a human being. Congrats on that one, truly. Good job on demonstrating how seriously low people can be. I’d express empathy for your sad and sorry state of being, but you obviously don’t deserve it.

  8. I kind of agree with eveyrone else. You got really mad at her for not believing in you. I mean yeah, nobody’s perfect, but if you really cared for her your first reaction wouldn’t be anger and blowing up at her.
    You have to realize that she liked him and like any girl would do.. was give the guy she has a crush on a chance no matter what anyone says.. the wiser thing would to not be in a relationship w/ a guy with a bad rep or whose not good but ya… . Yeah, she learned her lesson, yeah she should of learned from your mistakes, but I’m not sure it was karma on her part. Yeah she didn’t take the best approach either in wanting to fight you.. But I can imagine how angry she must feel when first you try to warn her and when she doesn’t take your advice immediately you call her a slut.. It’s like you were showing her you care and then automatically showing her you don’t care about her anymore and will say shes a slut and etc…. I don’t know….. It’s good that you tried to “save” her but honestly……. You can’t save everyone he comes into contact with….. Some girls will learn the hard way, but hopefuly he will change…… I don’t know……… That girl though was just doing what any girl would do in high school… But at the same time its not the wisest but people need to learn from their mistakes…. I personally don’t think it was karma…..

  9. Even if you don’t like her writing style, she does have entertaining stories. You should never tell someone to kill themselves, that’s the worst thing to say to someone… you should be ashamed of yourself.

  10. Agreed, it’s like just because that guy was a supposed “douche” to Jen, doesn’t mean he’d be a douche to the next girl he’s interested in. Is she going to warn every girl he comes in contact with? Lol, that would be extreme psycho.

    My ex may have treated me badly, and if I behaved the way that Jen did toward that girl to my ex’s now wife, they would have thought I was whack. I’ve never spoken to the new girls my exes date because I don’t give a damn what my exes do after we break up and for a while haven’t talked anymore.

    I may still try to work things out with an ex if I like him, but if a new girl’s in the picture, I don’t care to talk to him then, and much less the new girl. She wasn’t even really friends with this Christine character anyway, lol. I don’t think she actually cared for Christine’s well being but that if she couldn’t have Joey then no one else could type deal.

  11. You’re so “mature” saying “haters gonna hate” and calling people “Penis” as if you haven’t noticed, what Jen’s #1 thing she lives for is being hated, we’re just giving her what she wants.

    Be careful what you ask for because it just might blow up in your face in the end. ;)

  12. If you didn’t like the guy, I’d say just leave him and other said girl alone. What’s his perspective on this? Maybe it’s something like “Man this girl was a nagging old hag”. Just sayin’ there’s two sides to anything. Even if he was a true jerk though with noreal reasons to be so, Let people find out for themselves, and don’t say anything bad about people unless they are present…. otherwise how can they defend themselves? Stop being so demanding and a drama queen, then maybe someone will like you enough to stay with you.

  13. You’re a piece of shit cyberbully who doesn’t even have the balls to say who you are. Shame on you. Jesus and I will smite you in your sleep. o.O be careful ;)

  14. Does it matter who the anons are? It’s not like you actually know people. ;) In a few months this chick you’re obsessed with will be forgotten so it doesn’t matter what you say. :)

  15. Who are you again? Oh wait that’s right, I couldn’t care less because I don’t obsess over posters as much as you do. If anyone’s obsessed, it’s you. :)

  16. Not only did my ex cheat on my but when I told the girl I know how you feel she accused me of being the girl he cheated with, as if. What you did was right and you shouldve punched her. Thats what I did.

  17. I find it hard to believe that you remember the exact dialogue of an arguement/discussion that took place over 6 years ago….could it be that there is no validity to this post or any other post you have up here? You’re followers are just as desperate for a good “story” as you are to make them up. Maybe you should try your hand at something you’re good at and stop slamming on the way people acting when they were 17.

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