Love Sampling Those Samples

I love going to Costco.  To me, shopping there is like going a mini-vacation.  Its delicious food, cheapie clothes, and electronics prove to be a great place to visit over and over again.

My parents and I will go on a random Saturday, when we have four hours to spend wandering around the super-store, purchasing our favorites and perhaps even some new treats. My mom always jokes (or doesn’t joke) that when they bring me with them they end up spending $200 more than they originally would have. She says this because my dad distracts her while I hide something in the cart, and vice versa. This tactic has worked for us for several years, because she usually doesn’t see what we’ve snuck into the cart onto we’re at the register and, by that point, it’s too late. (What a team my dad and I are – Mwa ha ha!)

The greatest part about Costco, and I’m sure you know what I’m about to say if you’ve ever shopped there, are the free samples.  I specifically don’t eat before I go, because I know I’m going to be on line getting samples, and then sending each of my parents on line to get me more samples!

I walk around that store, scouting out the best samples (but still settling for the ones I seem lesser, haha). As is their plan, I’m usually roped in to buying whatever it is their letting me taste. It never does taste as good when I bring it home and make it myself. I wonder what they do to it in their little white microwaves of theirs…

And I know by the lines that I’m not the only one who loves to sample their samples. I’ve even heard that some people who work near Costco go there and eat the samples as their lunch! That’s a little extreme, but still pretty funny.  Imagine a manager coming over to you and saying, “Umm, ma’am/sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave this establishment. It’s been brought my attention that you’ve eaten about 75 free samples this week and haven’t purchased a single item.” Haha!

In addition to the free samples, I also genuinely like the food and non-food sold at Costco. It just makes sense to buy in bulk! Even though things may seem a little pricey, you’re getting so many of one item that you’re actually saving money! That’s Costco’s whole gimmick.

You can get like 50 string cheese’s and a 28-pound container of iced tea power. You can get a box of 100 appetizers and a jug of peanut butter. And the list goes on and on! And, no, I would not recommend going there if you are on a diet.  There are, I’m sure, diety items there to choose from. I however, only go for the good stuff, so I wouldn’t know which aisle to tell you to look in!

Costco really only has one con: The lines. I have literally never seen less than 15 people (with carts filled up halfway to the ceiling, mind you) waiting on line at each cash register in my entire life.  Luckily, the food lines are just as long, so when I wait for two Chicken Bakes (the single greatest thing on earth) and a soda, my parents pay for our things and we all meet at the seating area.

That’s when we eat, clean up, and spend twenty minutes searching for the car in the ginormous parking lot and unloading our purchases into the car. Ahh, how I love Costco days.

Do you love Costco or a super-store like it? Why?

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