I Stayed Strong & Denied The Married Guy I Was In Love With

When I was 20 years old, I was infatuated with my brother’s 28-year-old friend (who I’ll call Ben). Ben was absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, his wife thought so, too. I know, I know, I shouldn’t fall in love with married men. But if you met him, you’d fall in love, too.

Anyway, after giving him an ultimatum to either break up with her or marry her, Ben’s bitch of a wife was cheating on him “Ultimatums” Sound Like “Old Tomatoes” Because They’re Always Rotten two years into their marriage. And he didn’t know.

It made it that much more painful to know that not only was he off limits because he was married, but he was off limits and being made a fool of. All I would think was, I would never cheat on him if he were mine.

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“I Think I Went On A Date With A Married Man”

My friend Nick told me a story today about his friend Halle. She called him up the other day and said, “Nick I think that I went on a date with a married man today.”

“How do you know?” Nick asked.

“I went over to his house to watch a movie and I had to use the bathroom, so of course while I was in there I snooped. I opened up the cabinet under the sink and saw every feminine product ever made. There were tampons, lotions, Skintimate shave gel, Venus razors, etc.”

“Yeah, that seems pretty suspect,” Nick said.

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What Are You Hiding?

One of my best friends, Betty, has been on-again-off-again seeing this guy, Kyle, for about 2 years now. And for two years Betty and I have been doing detective work, trying to figure out what this dude is hiding. He shows all the classic signs of being married: He never sleeps over, leaving mysteriously in the middle of the night. He disappears for days and sometimes weeks at a time. He even tells Betty that he loves her, and yet refuses to officially commit.

Now, Kyle does have a son (and full custody of him), which he admits to, and claims to be divorced from his “psycho drug addict ex-wife” and living with his parents.

How true is this statement, though, if he is constantly running out on Betty – both physically and emotionally? If his mother is the toddler’s permanent babysitter, then why is he always leaving her apartment at all hours of the night? Continue reading