Guys Think That I Look This Good When I’m Not With Them — HA!

I love how we all make fun of celebrities when we see them walking the streets with plain faces and clothes and say, “OMG, she looks disgusting without her makeup,” and yet, we look disgusting without makeup (Or at least I do, anyway). I’m not one to trash myself (so I won’t) but I am one to be honest. Therefore, I will honestly say that I (like many others out there) look like a homeless druggie when I don’t take care of myself. I’ve already shared my thoughts about how I believe girls should maintain their looks if they want to get hit on in You’re Not Getting Hit On Because You’re Not Following My Advice…. This post, however, is strictly about me and my pre- and post-date hideousness. It all stemmed from a phone conversation I had with the guy I’m seeing.

Today, Bryan asked me if I like to get “surprise visits.” I immediately ran to my window in horror to see if he had come to my house early.

“No! I HATE surprise visits!” I said back, praying that he wasn’t on his way to my house.

“Why do you hate them?” he asked, probably wondering if I was hanging out with another guy.

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Shouting Out Some of My Favorite Talented People :)

There are so many amazingly talented people out there who just can’t seem to get their big break.  I happened to have been given an AMAZING opportunity by TJ the DJ and Elvis Duran to speak live on z100 last week, which sky-rocketed the hits to my website and got me a ton of great readers and commenters.  There are a few people I know that deserve their own amazing opportunity, because they truly are talented and would go so far in life if simply given the chance.

Missy Fiore: One of my best friends in the whole world, Missy has been an amazingly talented R&B, Pop and Soul singer for as long as I can remember. She has done over one hundred concerts, recorded an album overseas, and worked with some of the greatest singers of all time. In the words of my mother from back in high school, Missy Fiore has a certain “sparkle” to her. She is one of those people (like me!) that you look at and think, “Damn, that girl’s gonna be famous one day.” Check out her songs on Youtube and follow her on Twitter –!/Missy_Fiore  – and you’ll be instantly hooked and fans for life. I guarantee it.

PS, she’s also a kick-ass makeup artist for Mac and a hair stylist. If you’re ever in need of looking so fabulous that all of your friends are jealous, then email her at

Buffy King: Buffy is another one of my best friends…(what can I say, I surround myself with amazingness). She is by far the world’s greatest nail technician this side of the sun. She has worked so many fashion shows during Fashion Week that I stopped Continue reading