All Guys Love The Sexy Librarian Look

I have come to realize that my hatred of looking at myself in glasses is mine and mine alone. Every boyfriend I’ve ever had has done the “Oo, you look like a sexy librarian” or “Come here and teach me something.” I usually respond to both statements with a “Really, dude?” And not just because of the cheesy comments, but because of the sheer fact that I have always associated glasses with nerds.

And yet, guys seem to enjoy the “nerd” aspect of my glasses. I think it stems from the whole “Lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets” concept. Guys love a girl who looks innocent and sweet and is a wild woman behind closed doors.

I do tend to make a complete transformation when I go out of my house. The messy bun sitting atop my head becomes flowing curls, my pale, reddish face magically becomes a Mac ad, and my oversized pajamas are traded in for some skin-tight ensemble that I had most likely recently purchased.

I guess to those who see me complete that process in reverse truly appreciate the fact that I can have that same “sexy” appeal while wearing a tank-top and glasses (namely my boyfriend and my friends, but I haven’t had any of my friend call me a “sexy librarian” or “hot teacher” lately, thank God).

I guess, in a way, I can understand guys’ thought processes. After all, you don’t want your boyfriend acting a fool in front of your parents and friends, but you totally want him to able to be fun and flirtatious while out on a one-on-one date with you. Kind of like the sweater pulled over the Rock-and-Roll t-shirt. So…hot.

2 thoughts on “All Guys Love The Sexy Librarian Look

  1. I once dated a guy that actually asked me to wear flannel pajamas! You know, the kind the Amish wear that covers EVERYTHING! I thought it was weird, but it drove him wild, so I just accept the fact that everybody’s got their own ideas about what’s sexy.

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