We’re The Ones Making You Vomit

This post may shock some (or all) of  you, but it’s not yelling about or bashing anyone. Why? I’m actually dating a normal human being, Mark. And he’s sweet and adorable and enjoys spending time with me. I almost think he may be a guy one of you hired to mess with me so that when he screws me over you’ll really get some crazed material out of me.

Mark and I met online when I clicked “Yes” in the “Meet Me” feature. We really hit it off immediately, and have been on like 6 dates since.  We text/instant message throughout the day, speak on the phone at lunch, and talk/Skype for 3-4 hours at night. I even showed him my JenAndMen iPhone App. He hasn’t freaked out about it…yet. So far, so good.

I was given permission to blog about him as long as it’s not bad. And so far I honestly haven’t had anything bad to say. So here we go…

Mark and I are those really annoying people on a date that are gazing into one another’s eyes while sitting in the restaurant. We do this thing where we hold hands across the table and gaze adoringly at each other. Occasionally we even steal a kiss.

We are fully aware that everyone around us is vomiting up their food, but we continue to do it because honestly it’s out of our control. After dinner on our second date we stood on a corner and kissed until the light changed. Apparently it had changed like three times since we had gotten there. Not long after we were stuck behind a garbage truck, and were interrupted when the car behind us honked at us because the sanitation workers were finished and we, umm, didn’t realize.

Recently we began Skype-gazing, something I didn’t even know was possible to do. There’s just something about his face that makes me forget what I’m talking about and want to stare into his eyes. Ugh, I’m making myself vomit now.

I know we’re sickening but (a) we’re not tonguing each other down (my biggest pet peeve EVER) & (b) I never date anyone sweet so I’m soaking it all up lol!

Have you ever seen people gaze into each other’s eyes and softly kiss and want to vomit?

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