I don’t  know about you,  but I look like complete crap when I try and take those face shots with my iPhone or camera. I don’t know how people look good (or think they look good). Whenever someone tries to take on of me, I end up screaming like a banchi and throwing my hands up in front of face. In times when I’m clearly high from the cocaine I’ve just snorted (kidding) and allow someone to take one – or worse, take one myself – I usually come out having more chins than a Chinese phonebook.

The other day, however, I found a trick that hid my usual up-close-photo hideousness: Amazing lighting. I had just gotten a haircut and blowout, and my dad was driving me to pick up a birthday gift for my brother. I wanted to take a picture of myself to see how my cut looked, when I discovered something crazy: I didn’t look like a monstrous beast in the photo! Sooooo I took about 50 more and sent them out to everyone I know. Then I defaulted the best one on Facebook (2nd one from top left).

“Jennifer, are you taking pictures of yourself?” my dad asked, shaking his head as the 50th click went off.

“Perhaps,” I said, laughing. “But look how beautiful I look!” I yelled, and showed him my snapshots.

The next morning I discovered that I was out of control. I had on my new cowboy shirt and old Aviators, and started snapping away once again.

“Are you checking yourself out?” my brother asked, as he drove me to work. “Oh God, you’re taking pictures of yourself! That’s even worse!”

Are you one of those people that takes face shots of yourself with your phone or camera? Or are you against it like I am (usually) because they always come out terribly?

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  1. I used to take face shot of myself with my webcam back before everyone and their dog had a digital camera that could fit in their palm. I have tried doing the “face shots” with the cams and phones now but I never can get good lighting or angles and I end up feeling like a retarded 14 year old from myspace circa 2003. However your shots are gorgeous here. Did you go back red again or do you still have brown?

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