I Want To Die When Someone Says I Look Like An Ugly Celebrity

There is nothing worse than someone insulting you (whether purposely or inadvertatly) right at the beginnig of a night that you thought you looked hot. The weekend of my birthday, one of my best friends, Alexa, took me to the Jersey Shore to celebrate.

I looked awesome. I had on a hot pink mini skirt that I’ve legitimately been waiting to wear for a full year. I threw a wife-beater and a belt with it, straightenend my hair, perfected my makeup, and put the final touch on my bithday ensemble: a tiny pink and crystal tiara that my mom had given me.

I looked and felt great…until about ten minutes into the night that is. While playing Flip Cup, the second hottest shirtless guy said, “Okay, it’s Lady Gaga’s turn.”

I looked around to see who he was referring to. Then I got really confused because I realized it was MY turn.

Confused and disoriented, if took me 5 tries to flip my damn cup. Then I looked at Alexa and said, “Did he just call me Lady Gaga? DO I LOOK LIKE LADY GAGA?!”

“I didn’t hear him say that,” she said, and shrugged it off.

A few minutes later, he…said…it…again. This time, I gave him the finger while I chugged my ounce of beer. Hot or not, no one calls me freaking Lady Gaga!

About an hour later, everyone at the shore house decided it was time to start transforming from messed to dressed. As I crossed the kitchen to head into the bathroom, that hot guy’s hot friend said, “Let Lady Gaga pass.”

That was it. I turned and looked at both of them with my crazed eyes.

“Why?” I asked, eerily quietly.

“I don’t know,” said the originator. “But it’s a compliment. TRUST me.”

“No, it isn’t! She’s ugly!” I whined.

“Yeah RIGHT! She’s HOT” he said, and went back to doing his crazy dance game.

I shrugged and contemplated taking my life in the bathroom. I settled for re-applying my lipgloss.

“I don’t know why you’re so upset. He thinks Lady Gaga is hot, therefore, he thinks you’re hot,” Alexa said. “He probably just said it because you have crazy hair and she’s known for having crazy shit. And, not for nothing, I wouldn’t mind someone telling me I remind them of a multi-millionaire. Take the compliment.”

Suffice it to say I ignored her and left for the club feeling like crap.

Has anyone ever told you you look like an ugly celebrity? Did it ruin your night?

One thought on “I Want To Die When Someone Says I Look Like An Ugly Celebrity

  1. Same here!! I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I’m pretty right? That’s all well and good, but then the person will proceed to say that I look like Brandy (Norwood). She is sooooo ugly to me!!!! OMG people say to take it as a compliment…..but I just can’t. My boyfriend says I look nothing like her, and I don’t see the resemblance besides the fact that we both have high set eyebrows and similar eye shapes (although her eyes are very wideset, mine aren’t)……..ugh……

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