Of All The Transvestite Cabarets To Run Into You…

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s seeing someone that looks unbelievably familiar to me and not knowing where I know them from. Lately it’s been happening to me more and more. I feel like everywhere I go I run into someone I know. I mean, I know I’m famous, but this is getting crazy.

The other night I sat at the bar at The Hard Rock Cafe with my best friend, Kerry.

“Kerry, I know that man,” I said, looking at the bartender.

“I think he just has one of those faces,” she replied.

“NO! I know him!”I insisted.

I spent the next hour and half trying to place him, occasionally telling Kerry I wasn’t crazy and having her give me a disbelieving head nod to appease me. Finally, a very outgoing Korean-American girl came over and started loudly calling his name — Will.

That’s how I know you! You used to be a bartender at a TGI Friday’s! I worked with you! I was the world’s worst waitress!”

He had no recollection whatsoever, but I didn’t care. I cracked the code and figured out who the hell that guy was.

“I told you I wasn’t crazy!”I told Kerry. After seeing the look she gave me I added, “Okay, I’m crazy. But not about this one thing.”

This past weekend it happened to me again. While celebrating my birthday with my girlfriends at a restaurant called Lucky Cheng’s, I ran into my brother’s friend’s fiancé (who was celebrating her bachelorette party with her girlfriends). I sat there the entire time staring at this girl, trying to place her place. None of my friends knew who she was, and it just boggled my mind even more.

Finally, it dawned on me that it could be this guy’s fiancé. So when the host of the cabaret went over to her with the microphone and asked if her fiancé was Jewish because her diamond was so huge, and she replied that he was Italian & Greek, I knew it was her.

I went up to her afterwards to kiss her and congratulate her…and tell what a small freaking world it was that we would both pick the same crazy place on the same night. “Really, of all the transvestite cabarets to run into you!…” Hahaha.

Does it kill you when you can’t place someone? Do you die of excitement like I do when you finally figure out who the hell they are?!

4 thoughts on “Of All The Transvestite Cabarets To Run Into You…

  1. Yeah that happens every so often. I rack my brain trying to figure out where I have seen them before. It usually doesn’t hit me until I’m brushing my teeth the next morning. “Oh yeaaah! That’s where!”

  2. “Really, of all the transvestite cabarets to run into you!…” Great line.

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