I Lost a Little Bit of Dignity and, More Importantly, A Little Bit of L&B Pizza

The Age-Old Question Has Finally Been Answered: Jen Chooses Guys Over Food

Before I even write this post, I feel that I must preface by saying that the guy I leapt out of my seat for did not look like this dude. But this photo was so beautiful I physically could not control myself.

Anywho, I was sitting in the outdoor-seating at a local pizzeria/restaurant, L&B, eating a slice of their famous square pizza…whiiiile waiting for my calamari salad (yes, I am truly obese). I got about three quarters of the way through the slice when Melissa said, “What is this Hot Cop Day?”

“Throw this out!” I yelled at my girlfriend, Melissa, as I threw the dish at her.

He was stunning. Before I even knew what was happening, I was up from the table and walking straight for him. Thirty seconds later, I was standing on line behind him. A line that I had just been waiting on.

Melissa stared at me, mouth agape, while I pretended to be casual and ordered a Diet Pepsi. That got me absolutely nowhere because the cop said absolutely nothing to me. When I complained, Melissa, who had walked over to me shaking her head, whispered in my ear that he had a ring on his finger.

So I lost a little bit of dignity and, more importantly, a little bit of L&B pizza.

Have you ever walked up to a hot guy before you even knew you were doing it?

2 thoughts on “I Lost a Little Bit of Dignity and, More Importantly, A Little Bit of L&B Pizza

  1. Sacrilege!!! An L&B square is not to be cast asunder for ANY man! And ALWAYS check for a ring when you see a hot guy!!!

  2. Buffy: 1000000% agreed. I don’t know what I was thinking. He *was* REALLY cute though. ::Smacks self in the face:: And, yes, now that I am old I will start checking!

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