My Romantic Date With…Diana

My cousin Diana and I wanted to have an extra pool day in Las Vegas, so we decided to catch an earlier flight than the rest of the members of bachelorette party we were going for. While we were there, however, the other girls got delayed TWELVE HOURS at JKF, leaving Diana and I to fend for ourselves.

First we sat by Trump’s pool and ate melon wrapped in proscuitto and drank mohitos and daquiris. Then we got dressed and headed over to The Venetian, where we took a gondola ride and had dinner. While at dinner, they dimmed the restaurant lights and a small symphony began playing (violins, a harp, the works).

As we drank our wine, we looked at each other and I said, “First, we took a romantic gondola ride, now we’re having wine and listening to classical music. Sadly, this is the most romantic date I’ve ever been on!”

Diana nodded and said, “My most romantic dates have been with girls. They just don’t say stupid things.”

I agreed and said that girl dates are way better — it just sucks at the end because you have to pay for yourself.

I agreed. After leaving The Venetian and meeting up with a group we had met earlier at a bar, we went back to our room and shared a King-sized bed.

I looked at Di and said, “Okay, now the bed. This is literally our honeymoon!”

“I know” she said, and we laughed and fell asleep in about 2.5 seconds.

2 thoughts on “My Romantic Date With…Diana

  1. Kerry: You & I know more than anyone that girl dates are way more fun than boy-girl dates. PS, we must go to Something Greek soon! I’m feening for a seaweed roll!

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