“Jen, I Think I’m Officially Dating A Guy For His Money” or “What Was His Name? Mike? Mark? You Know, The One With The Plane”

You know this is a good post because I couldn’t decide on a title. The other night, one of my best friends, Kate, looked at me and said, “Jen, I think I’m officially dating a guy for his money” — to which I responded, “And rightfully so.”

This is the same girl who’s sort-of boyfriend, Mike, told her that she was a bad investment. ┬áHe’s obviously a real winner. Anyway, since then Kate was accepted into law school in Manhattan (not Boston like she had been planning), so apparently her “stocks have risen,” as she likes to put it, because he now wants her to be his girlfriend and meet his parents now that she’s staying local.

Kate, on the other hand, feels zero love for this guy, and basically keeps him around because he takes her out to fancy dinners and pays for her cab rides around the city. She was planning on leaving him any day now, until the plot had thickened.

After seeing his mansion in Pennsylvania, his beach house down the shore, she now recently found out that he has a lake house in Vermont. Mike mistook Kate’s scrunched up “You have another house?!” face to mean that she didn’t want to drive 7 hours to Vermont.

“Oh, don’t worry. We’re not driving there. We’ll take the plane.”

The…plane. Not “a plane” which would have already been insanely rich and crazy — “The plane.”

“So now I have to stay with him until September…just so I can say I went on a private freaking plane,” Kate said. I nodded profusely.

Her co-worker, a hilarious black woman who’s about 40, said, “Kate, you have to do this just so, when you’re my age you can say, ‘What was his name? Mike? Mark? You know, the one with the plane.” Haha!

For the record, I’m not condoning dating a guy for his money; but in this particular Mike-is-a-deuchebag case, I’m completely for Kate doing this.

When I texted her that my plane was delayed in Vegas, she said, “Damn, I could have told Mike to send the plane,” and I laughed for five minutes while people stared at me like I was crazy. Okay, they stared at me because I AM crazy, haha.

Have you dated dating someone for their money?

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