I Wish They All Could Be California Guys…

Okay, first of all I am completely singing the Beach Boy song California Girls right now. Secondly, in regards to this photo, ladies, you’re welcome.

Okay, so this post is about the super-hot, blonde-hair, blue-eyed, tattooed, musician I met from Cali while I was in Vegas.

He laid next to me in a lounge chair at the pool, and I asked him if he knew anything at all about Vegas, because my cousin Diana and I were all alone and waiting for the other 10 members of our bachelorette party, who were stranded at the airport in our very own version of Home Alone Part 2.

He introduced himself and his friend, and told us some great places to go. There was really no need because I only call him the Californian, I’ve forgotten his friend’s name, and Diana and I did what we wanted that night, anyway, lol. During our conversation, he asked where we were from, and I immediately knew he was from Cali.

“New York, you?” I asked, waiting, waiting…

“L.A.” he said, with a smirk. Yup. Then he added that he was surprised we were from New York, since New Yorkers are known for being nasty. (Of course when I saw him the next day and told him I was going to cut a girl in the elevator for cutting me on line in the gift shop, he put his hands up, told me he saw the Brooklyn coming out in me, and said I was sweet for 5 minutes before showing him my evil side. He also said I could have whatever I wanted from him and I refrained from making a dirty joke, haha.)

We chatted for about an hour, and then parted ways after exchanging numbers. When we met up later that night at a bar in a different hotel, he told me that he was a musician and a singer/songwriter, and I very nearly lost my shit. Then he told me he was a construction worker — hard hat and all — in the daytime, and a small tear formed in my eye, because up until then I didn’t realize he could possibly get hotter.

When he responded that he didn’t know it was possible for him to get hotter, either, and then said he was cocky, I told him Diana’s infamous line about how “There’s a fine line between cocky and confident, and [she’s] straddling it.” He got a kick out of that, and then asked me if I was straddling it as well; I laughed and informed him that I’m so far on the cocky side that I can’t even see the line. He said he loved it, haha.

Don’t you love Californians? They’re just so laid back and tan and beautiful.

3 thoughts on “I Wish They All Could Be California Guys…

  1. I don’t understand why all Californians are good looking. I guess the west coast gets the sunshine.

  2. Teach: I also think they are better-looking because they’re happier because it’s so beautiful over there (weather and scenery-wise). Let’s move there!

  3. Well did you get his goodies? The NY would have came out of me and jumped his bone in the elevator. Or maybe that’s just the slut…lol

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