“I Have An EXTRA Ticket! EXTRA Ticket!”

The other day my friend Alessia took the idiot — I mean guy — she’s dating out for his 30th birthday. While at the dinner that she paid for, she handed him his birthday gift: a pair of Yankee/Mets tickets. He looked mildly pleased with her one hundred forty dollar gift and said “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. I just can’t believe I’m going to the game with a Met fan,” she teased.

“Who said you’re going to the game?” he asked.

“Haha, very funny,” she said.

“Well, these are for my birthday, aren’t they? You didn’t buy yourself a birthday present. So technically I can bring anyone I want.”

Alessia didn’t know what to say. Because he has the driest sense of humor on earth, she had (and has) no idea whether or not he was serious.

When they finished dinner, and she dropped him off, he said, “Thanks again for the tickets; my dad is gonna love this game.”

Now Alessia has gone into super spy mode. She has already decided that if he honestly doesn’t bring it up again (aka he’s not taking her), then she’s re-printing the tickets and going to go to the stadium an hour early with someone else. When he gets there on time, his tickets will be void and he won’t be able to get in.

I, of course, joked with her and immediately brought up the Friends episode where Rachel tries to bring her crush, Joshua, to a basketball game and he misunderstands and thanks her for the two tickets his nephew would be sure to love. Later in the episode, Chandler has her practice saying, “I have an EXTRA ticket! EXTRA!”

This idiot has turned an unbelievably sweet and thoughtful gift into something my poor friend has to worry about for two full weeks. And you wonder why I hate men.

What would you do if you were Alessia?

8 thoughts on ““I Have An EXTRA Ticket! EXTRA Ticket!”

  1. I see her point, however men are stupid with these kinds of situations. He probably assumed off the bat that she would not want to go and because she did not specify that it was for the both of them outright, he seemed to have missed the hint. This guy sounds like he needed Alessia to spell things out for him.

  2. LOVE her diabolical scheme to show up early and use the tickets before him if he doesn’t take her!!! The A-Hole deserves it!

  3. No no. I am a mutual friend and she did say “I thought since the Yankees swept this past weekend maybe the mets will have better luck if WE are at the game.”

  4. Buffy: She’s an evil genius. I love it! And he deserves that and a Gibbs-style smack in the head!

  5. Mandy: He knew that she wanted to go because she’s a DIE HARD Yankee fan. He’s just an asshole.

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