Am I Capable of Being Alone?

A really long time ago I had someone ask me if I was capable of being alone.

“Of course I am,” I answered, annoyed.¬†What kind of question is that, anyway?

But enough time and guys have gone by that I’m just now starting to realize the significance of his question. Am I capable of being alone?

I never never successfully spent any time alone since I began dating at the age of 15. I’ve always stuck to the saying “You can’t get over someone until you get under someone else” (except by “under” I mean under someone else’s spell). It was just too hard to be alone and not think about the person I had just broken up with. But this time will be different.

Like I said in my last post about taking a dating hiatus, I’m over dating. I know it’ll be just as hard as the other times — maybe harder — but I’m sticking to my guns. I deleted my online dating profiles and I’m not going to set them up again. I’m not going to bars and I’m not going on any blind dates. I’m emotionally exhausted and I look physically weary. I need some time to recuperate and recover before even considering talking to a guy.

I literally feel like I’ve been beat up for the past 9 1/2 months, and I’m done with it. Even boxers take breaks sometimes, don’t they?

Have you ever felt so saddened by the people you date that you just think being alone would be a better solution?

7 thoughts on “Am I Capable of Being Alone?

  1. Wow, weird that u posted this considerin the text I just sent u 10 mins ago lol . Stick wit it hun

  2. Sometimes taking a break is necessary to bring fresh perspective. And I honestly believe that unless a person is comfortable on their own they cannot have a successful relationship — otherwise it’s a co-dependant situation. Take a breath, relax and focus on the things that you enjoy for yourself. Everything else will work itself out in time.

  3. You may be depending your happiness on a guy which is a recipe for disaster and drama. Definitely try it. I’ve been single for a year and a half and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this happy. I did go on a couple of dates with one guy and it confirmed that I just wanted to concentrate on myself, my goals, and well being.

    At first it is tough because you’re used to having a guy around. We are creatures of habits and habits die hard.

    I agree with Buffy. Concentrate on the things you enjoy doing or always wanted to do. Have fun with your friends or something. Being single is really no big deal at all.

  4. Wonderinwho: I agree with you 100%. I have to stop depending on guys for my own happiness. But I won’t lie, it really is hard at first :(

  5. Buffy: I agree with you, and I’ve always been co-dependent. Maybe this will change me and make me more independent — allowing me to have a normal relationship in the future.

  6. It’s definitely not easy but I have faith in you. I think you can do it :)

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