I Shaved My Legs & He Didn’t Ask Me To Hang Out!

I’m completely disgusted. On Friday morning, my boyfriend, Brad, went away for the weekend to go to his sister’s college graduation. While he was there, he spent a good portion of his time in a sorority house. I didn’t complain once. I didn’t bitch once. I didn’t even harass him to stay in constant contact with me. I was – against my better judgment – a cool girlfriend.

I got upset exactly one time during his stay because I had to ask him to call me and then he rushed me off the phone. He called me back so I felt a little better, but then he rushed me off the phone again. Really, dude??

When I heard that Brad was coming home earlier than expected that Sunday, I was thrilled that I’d get to see him. He was going to the Ranger game that Monday, and I had dinner plans that Tuesday. I excitedly called him in the morning. First, I was rushed off the phone (he was driving so I let it go), and then I thought he was dead on the side of the road when he turned his phone off for two hours to save battery and didn’t think it would be nice to let me know. When I finally got through to him, I was once again rushed off the phone, with a promise that he’d call when he got home.

By this point, I had showered, shaved my legs (I know), had gotten dressed, and was now impatiently waiting. I was watching TV when he called me, and when I called him back he didn’t pick up (shocking, I know). When we finally spoke on the phone, he showed zero desire to see me.

“What are you doing today?” I asked, praying he’d ask me to come over. And, yes, you read that right. I wasn’t even being insensitive and asking him to drive to me after driving 6 hours that day. I just wanted an invitation to see him.

“I’m tired. I’m just gonna do some laundry and relax,” Brad replied, completely monotone. “You?”

“Nothingggg. I’m soooo boreddddd,” I said in the most obvious way I possibly could.

“Sounds like fun,” he said.

“Definitely not,” I replied.

“Okay, well let me go. I’m gonna try and get some stuff done,” he said.

My jaw dropped. I shaved my legs and he didn’t ask me to hang out.

I sent Brad a text message telling him that I hated him, and received three question marks as a reply. No phone call. He couldn’t even muster up words to type.

“I wanted you to ask me to come over you dumbass,” I replied.

I received no answer for an about an hour and a half, in which time I cried.

He then proceeded to call me cute names and call me a couple times and wonder why I was angry.

I texted him some evasive messages and then when I finally called him back told him that I really couldn’t believe he didn’t want to see me.

“I’m fun!” I yelled at him, completely hitting rock bottom.

Brad didn’t care that I was upset, didn’t apologize, and used his usual “tired and cranky” excuse. I am completely devastated and cannot understand why this boy refuses to come around.

9 thoughts on “I Shaved My Legs & He Didn’t Ask Me To Hang Out!

  1. Because he doesn’t care about you as much as you care about him. Sorry. But it’s the simple truth. Fact that he still didn’t invite you over after you told him how you felt or said ‘ill see you later, or asap”, shows you.

  2. You know the urge to be in constant contact the feeling of being rushed off the phone is usually a sign of insecurity. Also I know when I get home from a trip I dont want to see my boyfriend especially if its only been a two days, I want to organize myself and get ready for work the next day. I guess I can kind of see your point that you missed him and want him to want to hang out with you, but the fact that you didn’t consider how he might feel before you sent an “i hate you” text (which is a bit overdramatic) is kind of selfish. And as for him not caring that you were upset – that is a bit disconcerning but you seem to be upset quite often I imagine it would be exhusting for a guy to get all worried and worked up everytime your upset

  3. UM hang on. I, for one, definitely feel yr pain.
    The dating game can make a person feel VERY insecure….lots of dishonesty & playing games, etc. So, when you actually get down to the REAL dating part, and they’re giving you mixed signals (w/e you might *personally* perceive as mixed signals)…it can DEFINITELY bring out some insecurities.
    Sooo…all i’m saying is don’t let anyone make u feel bad for feeling however you might feel about a situation. If him not wanting to hang out after being away pissed you off, then KUDOS to you for telling him instead of sucking it up & not saying anything. (I’ve been guilty of that & kicked myself EVERY TIME if I didn’t say anything about it.)
    BUT I think If he keeps rushing you off the phone & not wanting to hang out – then for the love of god, PLEASE just kick him to the curb. He’s not worth even one more second of your valuable time. (he should be chasing you down to hang out)

  4. I have a friend who on a date the guy chose cleaning his cat litterbox to hanging out…then when he got home text her and told her that he had a great time and wanted to know when they could meet again. Well when he chose the litterbox over her – she was done.

  5. i third the men are fools comment! what is wrong with these guys!?!?! then they bitch there are no good girls out there! its so EXHAUSTING TO DATE in this day and age!

  6. I pretty much agree with all of that. Sometimes you have to put yourself in someone else’s position before you get upset.

  7. I COMPLETELY feel your pain and have gone through the annoyance of shaving my legs for a guy that either cancelled at the last minute or didn’t take the not-so-subtle hint that we should hang out. Some guys are SO daft!!!!!

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