Becoming A Rich Man’s Mistress: What We All Aspire To Be

The other day my friend Betty got a second job. She’s going to be working as a nail technician, doing manicures in a chic little boutique.

After she excitedly texted me about the job, she said, “I’d say maybe I’ll meet a rich, handsome Christian Gey type that will sweep me off of my feet, but realistically the only men that would shop there are gay, lol.”

“No, not true!” I texted back. “You can meet a rich man who’s shopping for his wife and become his mistress! What we all strive to become! All gifts and vacations and no cooking or cleaning!”

“That’s the dream! lmao,” she replied.

Now, aside from the whole ‘Adultery is a sin and you’ll go to Hell for committing it’ thing, this whole Rich Man’s Mistress gig doesn’t seem half bad. It’s like having a free credit card to do whatever you want with, and a boyfriend who sees you only as a source of light and happiness, because he has his wife to fight with. Sounds great, right?

Egh, who am I kidding; I talk a big game but I’d never actually be able  to commit that sin…or share my guy lol.

One thought on “Becoming A Rich Man’s Mistress: What We All Aspire To Be

  1. Its wrong on so many levels but we all fantasize about it at some point. Who wouldn’t want free trips, jewlery and amazing dinners without the hassle of fights and craziness that come come along with relationships? But in reality it’s wrong and who wants to be “the other girl” anyhow?

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