“I Pocket The Cab Money He Gives Me & Take The Subway”

My friend Kate is legitimately one of the funniest people I know. Normally I only laugh at my own jokes, but this girl never ceases to crack me up when we get together. As I’ve posted already, we recently got today and dished about our not-so-love lives.

As rude, nasty, unaffectionate, and immature her sort-of boyfriend is, the guy is loaded. We found out that he pays almost 4 grand a month for his apartment in the city… and he drives a Porsche convertible.

When she found just how well off he was, she laid down the law.

“I hope you know that I am never even going to do the fake reach. You’re just paying for dinner. And, as far as cabs go, you’re paying for me to cab it to your apartment; you’re paying for the cab ride home; you’re paying for cab rides I take to get to my friends’ place, etc, etc. You are pretty much in charge of all cabs from now on.”

He saw no issue with her demands; as a matter of fact, it most likely made his already-superior cocky ego even more inflated.

I found it funny enough that she said that. But she really made me die laughing when the next sentence came out of her mouth.

“And then I pocket the cab money and take the subway.”

“Kate!” I yelled, laughing and shaking my head.

“What?? I’m economical!”

That she is.

Have you ever told a rich guy that he was going to pay for you?

One thought on ““I Pocket The Cab Money He Gives Me & Take The Subway”

  1. I have done this too! Why waste the cash on a cab when it can be put to much better use?!?! ;)

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