“Quite Frankly, You’re A Bad Investment”

I recently wrote a blog post about my friend Kate and her stupid ass sort-of boyfriend, Mike. I say “sort of” because (1) He’s a jackass and (2) She may be going away for law school, so it was pretty much understood from the beginning that their relationship wasn’t going to be very serious. Nonetheless, as with 99% of us girls, she began to get attached to him.

One night, after having a huge fight over the fact that he refuses to pick her up at her apartment, she finally asked him what he wanted out of “this.”

“You’re going away. So we both know that there’s really no point in us being exclusive if you’re going to move 500 miles away in four months,” Mike said.

That’s when Kate paused her story.

“Jen, if he would have left it at that, I would have been perfectly fine with his answer. Because that’s true. But, no, he chose to go on.”

“Quite frankly, Kate, you’re a bad investment.” Suffice it to say she stormed out of his apartment and refused to talk to him a day.

“I’m a BAD investment, Jen. A…bad…investment,” she breathed, furiously.

“That’s, okay. I’m crazy,” I said, shrugging, reminding her what Brad had said about me.

 Has a guy/girl ever told you that you were a bad investment (or something similar)?

2 thoughts on ““Quite Frankly, You’re A Bad Investment”

  1. Clearly he was the bad investment – what a jerk!! It is a good thing she saw his true colors before it was too late and she wasted more time..

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