“Boys Are Stupid & Girls Are Mean Because Of Boys”

I’ve written about how I find it funny that my 10-year-old cousin has the same dating problems as I do. Lately she’s been the only one of my friends who’s actually making me feel better about my bad experiences with guys (and friends).

Her two insights (and, remember, she is ten but secretly 30 and reincarnated):

“Boys are stupid and girls are mean because of boys…So it makes sense that this would happen; it does to everyone! That doesn’t mean it makes you happy, but it’s how life goes and it’s kind of sad.”

“Don’t let [them] bring you down when others can bring you right back up, including yourself!”

Let’s take a look at the first quote. Boys are stupid and girls are mean because of boys. Could that possibly be any more accurate?! I’d say 99% of life’s problems directly related back to this statement. Think of most fights you’ve ever had with your friends (or anyone that’s your gender). Except in cases related to a job or a handful of other reasons, I’d say 9 times out of 10 it was because of a guy/girl. Am I right?

And then It makes sense that this would happen…but it’s how life goes and it’s kind of sad. It really is how life goes and it really is kind of sad. I’d like to tell her that it gets easier as you get older but I think we’d both know I was lying.

Gabby’s second quote was way more uplifting, and made me a little better. Why should I let guys or friends upset me when I can just as easily have a great time with another friends, or my family, or my damn self? Can’t let people bring you down, and if you don’t have a ten-year-old-old telling you that, I’ll relay the message.

Has a child ever given shared a brilliant thought with you? What did he/she say? 

One thought on ““Boys Are Stupid & Girls Are Mean Because Of Boys”

  1. A child who was being teased was reminded of the old saying, “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words can never hurt you.” He replied, “But they do hurt me.” How true.

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