When Breaking Up Means Breaking Stuff

The following is a guest post from a JenAndMen reader (who I’ll call Joe):
My ex-girlfriend and I had a great two and a half years together, through the end of high school and beginning of college.  After about two years she got a job in a restaurant.  Out of nowhere, she started acting different toward me.  All of a sudden, she felt tied down and didn’t want to be together.  We fought and eventually broke up (one of those break ups that took a year to finalize).

After one of our two-month breaks,  things seemed to be good again. Then, just like the first time, she began acting strangely. She told me her family was going away on vacation and she would call me when she came home. Two days later, she called me and told me that she didn’t go on a family vacation, after all. Instead, she flew upstate with a friend to see some guys they met.
She was terrified because she thought she was gonna get raped.  I was worried and pissed off beyond belief at that moment.  I basically told her to [take a walk]. We stopped speaking for good after that — except for the one day I had to go to her house to swap back our stuff.
We ended up cursing each other out.  I took off the tag watch she bought be for my high school graduation, wound up, and threw it at her house like a baseball.  The thing blasted into four trillion pieces and I drove off and never spoke to her again.
Have you ever been so angry about a breakup that you broke the gift your now-ex gave you?

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