You’re Lucky I’m Even Gracing You With My Virtual Presence

I’m not the type of person to be mean to guys I’ve broken up with. If I’ve met someone new and I’m happy, why should I waste my energy hating on you? I do, however, use energy hating on exes who write obscenely unnecessary and pompous comments on my funny little Facebook statuses.

The other day I wrote a status about how I’m fat and disgusting because I ate a day-old spinach roll for breakfast, and washed it down with a Diet Coke.

Status: “Okay so I just ate a diet coke & spinach roll for breakfast. Think that’s bad? It was leftover from lunch yesterday & I found it in my car! Head down in shame.”

My friends made their little funny jokes about it and made me smile. Then a guy I dated for a second commented “How do you eat a Diet Pepsi?”

Really, dude?! CLEARLY I MEANT THE DAMN ROLL. Excuse me for not typing out “I drank the drink and ate the food” because I had more faith in the Facebook community. Idiot.

I was so pissed that he hated on my funny status that I deleted his comment and went on with my day, annoyed. I mean, really, you’re lucky Im even gracing you with my virtual presence by being your Facebook friend to begin with. It made me think of how I deleted my cousin from Facebook because he would constantly write mean things on my Wall or through FB Chat. I’m sorry, is this 4th grade and I’m being bullied in Ms. Smith’s class? Do I need my mom to talk to your damn mom? Facebook is a place for fun and correspondence, not bashing. And these people wonder why I delete/block them. Idiots.

Do your exes (or anyone, really) hate on your Facebook statuses? Does it piss you off royally?

2 thoughts on “You’re Lucky I’m Even Gracing You With My Virtual Presence

  1. Take that as confirmation that he is your ex for a good reason. Thank God I don’t have any bad exes on my friends list. I only keep the ones I know I can be cool with, which are the ones who I broke up with because they moved far away or something, not because they were assholes – those are the ones I pretend who died.

  2. A freezer and a spoon.
    With little chewing.
    I guess you could sop up the coke with the roll… though that would be ewww. :P

    Maybe he was teasing you not hating you. For someone who likes to tease in a very barbed way I am abit surprised that you jump to the conclusion that he was being hateful. And if his acts in the past warrent such an assumption why keep him as a facebook friend at all?

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