Did The Guy I’m Seeing Take Out Another Girl On Valentine’s Day?

So last night was Valentine’s Day (tired of hearing those two words together at this point? – because I am) anddd I sat at home with my dog. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m seeing a younger guy, and I was delighted when he asked me to be his Valentine. Do you think I hinted about that at all?

Anywho, last week his boss told him that he had to cover for his co-worker’s vacation, therefore switching his day off from Wednesday to Thursday. This meant that he would wake up at 3:15AM to work his two jobs (one after the other), drive an hour to take me out, and then drive another hour to go ¬†back home again…sleeping for an hour and waking up at 3:15AM again.¬†Did you just get tired reading that? Because I was exhausted hearing it.

Therefore, I insisted that we postpone our Valentine’s Day plans until today, the day after V-Day. I stayed in with my family, cooked kickass stuffed mushrooms, and did some video editing.

My brother walked in the room, saw me in my heart pajamas, and said, “Hey, why aren’t you out to dinner?”

“He had to work, plus he wasn’t really feeling well, so I told him that we’ll just go out tomorrow,” I replied.

“Oh, so he’s out with another girl, then, huh? Hahaha,” my brother shot back.

I started to say “No” — and then I thought, Who the hell knows. That would be such a great cover story. He’s never had his days from work switched before. And I’ve never seen him sick. Hmmm.

“Thanks, Matt!” I yelled at my brother, laughing. “I’m gonna stay on the phone with him all night now!”

“Nah, he’s not out with another girl. If he’s gonna sneak behind your back, he’s stupid to do it on the most expensive night of the year.”

I nodded in agreement at that last statement, and I know he didn’t take anyone else out — but you neverrr knowww.

Have you ever been suspected that you were canceled on because the person you were dating was taking out a different girl/guy? What if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Ever suspect that you’re being cheated on? Were you right?

4 thoughts on “Did The Guy I’m Seeing Take Out Another Girl On Valentine’s Day?

  1. Being alone on v-day sucks! Give the guy a chance. I too am guilty of pondering worst case scenarios. It’s ok. See him today and feel him out.

  2. I’d spent Vday with my bff so I can avoid all the pressures of making a date with someone. However, recently I kept getting canceled on by a guy who I coincidentally met on POF. He works as a medical intern at a hospital but apparently everytime I try to put myself out there to make a date with him, he flakes with the worst excuses. The first time he did this, he told me he had grandma issues. The second time, he told me he had to go in to work because alot of people called in sick. At this point even my best friend is telling me I’m being jerked around.

  3. Going out on Valentine’s Day is the worst date night of the year. Crowded, over-priced, “Special menus”, mediocre food and poor service. My parents who are married 40 years gave the best advice “Spend every day like it’s Valentine’s Day”

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