Why I Love The Grammys More Than Other Award Shows

I loveee watching the Grammys because of all the awesome performances! It’s kind of like watching my favorite musical artists perform their best song, wear their coolest costumes, and give their all…because they know just how many people are staring at them. What other award show has that?

My opinions of the performances:

1. Chris Brown: Girl beater…oh I mean, shitty performance

2. Rihanna: Suck Fest

3. Cold Play: Womp womp

4. Kelly Clarkson & Country Dude: Good but not amazing

5. Bruce Springstein and Paul McCartney: Egh, sing classics, guys, no one wants to hear your new crap

6. Maroon 5, Foster the People & The Beach Boys: AWESOME!

7. Taylor Swift: Amazing as always

8. Katy Perry: Good performance but okay

9. Adele: Fabulous

10. Nicki Minaj: Sacriligious & freaky

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