“Who Says ‘No’ To Being Someone’s Valentine??”

My friend Lance has been talking to a girl that he met on POF for the past couple of weeks. They’ve gone on two really great dates, where they had intense make-out sessions (nothing more), have had a few phone conversations, and text all day long. Yesterday, Lance asked her to have dinner with him on Tuesday (which is clearly Valentine’s Day). She apologized and told him that it sounded great but she already had plans for Tuesday.

Lance was shocked. After staring at her response for a minute, he imed me on Facebook chat.

“WHAT. THE. FUCK! She is soooo getting the shit end of the stick till further notice. I mean it could be w another guy, it could be with friends…but if it’s with friends she could have said ‘I’m sorry I already had a girls night planned’ and if it was with another guy she could have said ‘Sorry I’m working late that night.'”

I told him that that’s beef where I’m from (yes, I said that, haha, that her plans are definitely with a guy, and that it was really rude of her not to lie.

He responded with, “Well that’s only going to hurt her in the end if she has any intentions of me giving a shit…because right now I’m just mad. I mean, if she already had plans to hang out with another guy on Valentine’s Day then why even talk to me in the first place? Really, who says no to being someones Valentine?? I’ve never heard of such a thing…”

Honestly, I’ve never heard of anyone getting shut down on Valentine’s Day, either. This girl is clearly dating someone semi-seriously if she agreed to go out with him on a day devoted to romance…so I can definitely see Lance’s reasoning for being hurt. But, in the same respect, she did turn him down nicely.

If it were me, I’d just lie. I’m going to discuss this further in *Of Course* You Always Lie When You’re Dating Multiple People, but I just think that a little white lie that you tell someone whom you’ve only gone out on a couple of dates with is simply polite. I think this chick should have said that she goes to an Anti-Valentine’s Day girls thing or, like Lance said, told him that she had to work late. It’s not like a normal Tuesday where you could say you have plans and get away with not saying what they are. Use your head, girly!

Have you ever said “No” to being someone’s Valentine? What happened? Do you think she should have lied to Lance?

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