This Is Not ‘Jen And Kill All Men’ Dot Com

My goal was to write this in my post, It Must Suck To Love Reading The Blog Of The Girl You Hate, but there were so many mean comments that it got way too wordy. Anyway, I’m addressing a theme that seems to keep coming up: My apparent bitchy attitude and hatred for all men.

At the risk of sounding like one of those cheesy people, I’m going to go ahead and type my sentence anyway because it sounds pretty good in my head. I tell it how it is. Now, many people don’t like that. But I don’t see them writing a blog called AnonymousAndMen — half because they probably don’t date and half because it doesn’t sound nearly as rhyming and fun (if I had another half left I’d say that they can’t write but this is not to stir the pot, this is to clarify).

I’m not sure if my JenAndMen haters are doing that thing where you read a text in a completely nastier tone than the person writing it intended, and start a huge fight for no reason…or they’re just really mean. That’s a lie…I know which one it is. But let’s pretend, for giggles, that it’s the former.

Look, I’m not a man-hater. I don’t burn my bra (that shit is 60 bucks at Victoria’s Secret and gives the illusion that I have boobs — I’d rather die!) and I don’t organize protests or stop shaving my underarms and legs (well, it is winter…). Anyway, my point is: I write my posts because I honestly believe in what I’m saying. If a guy is rude or ungentlemanly toward me, I’m going to document it for the world to see.

And I think that that’s a big issue here. When I complain about not getting paid for, or not  receiving the gift I picked out, or the heartfelt card, I’m not complaining because of the money or the presents or the stupid card. I’m upset because it hurts me when the guys I like so much — that I’d do anything to make happy — obviously don’t feel the same way about me. If someone can’t make a small gesture that my haters would call “petty” or say I’m “bitchy” for getting angry over — I’m not angry. I’m sad. Because these little gestures are what shows you that someone cares about you.

A kiss, a hand-grab, door-hold, a bouquet of flowers, a text, a phone call, a date, a card, a dinner, a gift…the list goes on and on. I’m not ranting about not getting the material aspect of these things, I’m just bummed that I don’t often date guys who care enough about me to go the extra foot (that’s right, I didn’t say mile) to make me smile. That makes me a bitch? I don’t think so. (PS, I was about to type “José” at the end of that sentence…and then proceeded to say “I don’t think so José” in my head until “No way, José” finally popped in and I had an ‘Ah Ha’ moment. It’s 4:32AM people. Cut me some slack, lol.)

Anyway, my point is this: I’m not a monster; I don’t put up photos of the guys I date and  I don’t ever say their real names. Honestly, I never really say anything too bad at all. Yes, I call out some guys for being jerks, but I mostly tell guys how 90% of girls would love to be treated: like ladies. And yet I’m called “rude, picky, condescending, insecure, not nice, hypocritical, immature,  standoffish, very, very difficult to like, irrational, close-minded, unscrupulous, ignorant, and, let’s not forget my favorite: a sorry excuse for a human being.” Really? Really?? (Two “really”s are always more effective than one.)

If you’re a nice guy and I’ve left you: I’m sorry. If you’re a jerk and I’ve trashed you: I’m sorry you suck. If you’re a guy (or girl) that reads JenAndMen and thinks I’m a huge bitch: Mwa ha ha, you’re still reading it. No, that last sentence was a joke. Let me start over. If you’re a guy (or girl) that reads JenAndMen and thinks I’m a huge bitch: I hope you know that I’m not, and that I’m just opinionated and passionate and want to be treated well. Oh, and men are pieces of meat. (Kidding again, geez, chill out, guys.)

That’s all folks…

6 thoughts on “This Is Not ‘Jen And Kill All Men’ Dot Com

  1. Women are expected to not share their opinion. They are supposed to just sit there and be pretty, so when one does share her opinion, it gets twisted and misconstrued as bitchy. I love your blog and I completely understand where you come from. Haters are always going to hate, but this just means that you are standing for something and that you are doing your job well.

  2. hey, this is totally unrelated… but I saw some of your pics on my friends’ fb the other day with your friend missy. her makeup was UNBELIEVABLE… does she have a youtube site or anything? i’ll give you my left kidney if you can tell me how she did her makeup in those pics (looks like ac?). Sorry if this is creepy…

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