It Must Suck To Love Reading The Blog Of The Girl You Hate :P

Before I begin this post, I will say that I get many, many amazing comments from JenAndMen readers all the time. And when I say amazing, I don’t mean “agreeable.” I’m a blogger. I don’t care if you agree with me or disagree with me — I only care that you have some sort of feeling about what I wrote, and feel compelled enough to comment on it. That being said, many of my “regulars” often disagree with me. But I still respect them because they state their opinion without trying to belittle mine. Hello, mature adults. Unfortunately, some people never got the “IF you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all” speech from their mothers. Sucks to be them.

When I wrote for another dating website, I used to get hate mail all the time. My five favorites were: (1) I love your writing, but I would never want to know you in real life, (2) I want to egg your house, (3) I want to slash the tires of your car, (4) I want to punch you in the face, and last, but certainly not least: (5) You should commit suicide.

I used to cry all the time over these comments. My family and friends assured me that if I wasn’t doing something right, I’d get no comments at all. They also assured me that there was something severely wrong with these “trolling commenters.” I finally took their advice, decided to grow a thicker skin, and continued writing my posts. Then, when the internship was over, I bought my own website. It seems, though, that some of these little leaches have followed me…which wouldn’t be an issue, but they brought their hateful outlooks with them. Not-so-ironically, 6 out of 7 of these cowards called themselves “Anonymous” and left fake email addresses.

I recently received two mean comments, and they inspired me to go through my other comments (I only made it to the B’s because there were way too many) to pick out some of the “harsher” ones. The last one is my personal favorite. And away we go:

You kind of come off as rather…well, rude, picky, and condescending. No wonder you haven’t found a boyfriend yet. Maybe you should take a step back and look at yourself before you judge guys so harshly yeah? Guys aren’t pieces of meat, you know. They have feelings too. -About Jen

You’re a bit of a hypocrite Jen. You say he needs to move on even though you’re writing about something when you were 16. No one’s that interested in your high school life. If you want to talk about dating, talk about your current issues. I’d say he was more grown up than you apologizing. He’s right that you still need to mature. I mean the fake reach? Don’t go for the bill if you don’t plan on paying for it. -A Letter From My Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend… How Fun!

He’s right that you still need to mature. I mean the fake reach? Don’t go for the bill if you don’t plan on paying for it.And you seriously wonder why people don’t want to date you. I really don’t think the guys you find are the problem. And by making your dates more public on a blog and blogging about guys you date, guys will want to date you even less. You were causing a scene in a place that’s meant to be quiet. He actually did you a favor. -Shushing Me And Other Things That Will Get You Killed

You say you could of been on Sex and the City. Well that’s not a good thing that means your standards are way too high that no man will ever achieve them. From what I have read about you. You don’t want a fair relationship. You want to be spoiled rotten and contribute nothing. What do you have to offer? You’re just another attention seeking prude who will never be happy with any guy. You have a quote “I am going to be famous — it’s just a matter of when.” Well they are always looking for “talent” in the porn industry. -About Jen

I think it’s silly to dump someone because they communicate differently that you do in a freaking card. They’re nice and all but if the person’s great otherwise and they don’t give you the card you want? Um, no. Cards are nice, security in your relationship is better.-Write Me A Romantic, Heart-Felt Card That’ll Make A Hallmark Writer Cry Or I’ll Make *You* Cry

Your attitude…well, maybe that’s better left to a shrink. You should know that the image you’re portraying here is standoffish and very, very difficult to like. -About Jen

I just have to point out that it doesn’t make sense….you think you’re a “nice” girl…and you continue to piss people off. Would an actual “nice” girl really behave this way? Explain. If you were truly the “nice” girl you claim you are, I honestly don’t think you’d be getting a lot of hate. In the end, people are just treating you the way you treat most of your readers. -About Jen

A genuine display of an immature, irrational, close-minded, unscrupulous, ignorant, and sorry excuse for a human being. Congrats on that one, truly. Good job on demonstrating how seriously low people can be. I’d express empathy for your sad and sorry state of being, but you obviously don’t deserve it. -Karma’s A Bitch, Bitch

To be continued in This Is Not ‘Jen And Kill All Men’ Dot Com …

4 thoughts on “It Must Suck To Love Reading The Blog Of The Girl You Hate :P

  1. By far the funniest blog! You are witty and smart. Let those haters motivate you to keep furthering your career! They obviously like your work or they wouldnt have read several of your blogs or wasted precious moments commenting…. Keep going!

  2. I heard about your blog when I was listening to Z100 a few months ago. I love what you have to say about men and everything in between. You have a honest outlook on dating and its refreshing. I enjoy taking time out of my day to read your thoughts on life. Most of the time agree with you and sometimes I don’t but when I don’t agree I am still able to see where you’re coming from. Or I do agree but I just don’t want to admit it to myself. So thanks for playing devils advocate. We all need that! Keep up the good work and thanks!

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