I’ll Go From Hot To Cold So Fast You Won’t Even Know What Hit You

I will preface by saying that I wrote this post on Saturday morning, after being really annoyed at a guy. I’m in a much better, less Amazonny place now…

I’m so effing sick of meeting idiot after idiot. Who has a chip on their shoulder from an ex girlfriend, who has their idea of what the “perfect girl” is, who wants to change me.

Remember that asshole that I talked about on z100? When we were talking he would say, “I think you talk to all guys the way you talk to me” (sweetly). I would respond with “Trust me, I don’t. I speak to you this way because I like you.”

Then, after he screwed me over on that DATE FROM HELL, I flipped the switch and went straight into bitch mode.

He got answers like “K” and “Yup” from that day on. That’s when he got really sad.

“Where’s my Jen? I miss you, baby,” he texted me when he couldn’t take it anymore.

Was this guy serious?

“(1) I’m not your baby and (2) You still think I talk sweetly to every guy I know?” I wrote back. “Welcome to how I talk to other guys.”

He begged me to go back to being “my sweet self,” but ya know what, he lost that luxury the second he pushed me over the edge. I thought I made myself clear in Piss Me Off One Time & You Go From Being My Muse To Super Old News — but apparently I didn’t.

Like I’ve said before, my friend Nick (who’s also been a real jerk lately) told me I should stop telling guys I meet about my website. I ignore him because it’s my passion and a huge part of my life and I think that’s important to share with someone.

I also USED TO think that it would be good for guys to cheat a little and get into my head without me having to navigate every little damn thing. In case you missed the caps, that plan was an epic fail.

Ever have a guy piss you off so much that you are literally thrown into Bitch Mode for life with him?

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