Hot People Get Away With More Because We Like Looking At Them

The other night, I was hanging out in my friend Mike’s apartment talking about the girls he’s messaged on OKCupid. He proceeded to tell me about this one hot chick whose username was something like PeasOnMyFace44.

“Yeah, her profile was really fucked up. She said she likes drinking and taking Xanax. And, let’s not overlook the username. She spelled it like the vegetable, but she’s still a fucking freak. (3 second pause) So then when I messaged her…”

“Waittttt a second,” I said, throwing my hand up. “You typical freaking guy. I knew you were gonna end this story with you messaging her!”

“Well, she was really hot,” Mike said, shrugging.

It got me thinking about the guys I message online — or talk to in person for that matter. How often does someone piss me off and I chalk it up to “fun banter” because the guy looks like an Abercrombie ad? And yet, when an unattractive guy says the same things to me, I’m quick to cut him from Team Jen (yeah, I said Team Jen).

Good looking people just tend to get away with a lot more, and get attention despite acting or dressing strangely. (Stay tuned for Do Good-Looking People Get Farther In Their Careers?) When I see an okay-looking person in a really odd outfit, the first word that comes to my mind is “freak.” When I see a good-looking person wearing the same thing, I think “trendy.” Same goes with people talking about strange hobbies they have or books they like to read. If they’re good-looking, I immediately think they’re unique. If they’re not, I immediately think they’re weirdos.

Hmm, I wonder how much crazy shit I get away with because I’m pretty…

Do you think good-looking people get away with more because others like looking at them? Have you ever hit on a hot person despite the fact that they were a freak? Has it ever happened to you? 

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